life on the blacklist
a punishment for truth
can’t win for loosing
when self-defense is a sin
and those without conscience
make their way up the chain
stepping on bodies
they fucked the night before

ganging up on the educated
whom they pathologically fear
punishing integrity
when the lies pile up
accountability is for those
lowest in the hierarchy
with no power to make real change

life on the blacklist
marginalized for daring to exist
rules are for suckers
and truth is for the dead

if they can’t kill your body
they will kill your spirit
and tell you
you are killing yourself

laughing at your pain
and moving on to the next target
who was once an accomplice
and can recognize the smear coming
from a mile away

accomplice turned victim
soaking in guilt and sin
victim of the smear campaign
he once designed
for the target
of the psychopath who painted herself as victim
of her victims

Kira Young ©2013 – 2015


About Kira

Radio Host at Revolution Radio, Real Liberty Media and Peoples Internet Radio, wife, mother, singer, grower of food.
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  1. Extremely interesting. I read it all. I too was a victim once of one of those pathological sick souls

  2. Helping 2 friends get free right now. It’s very tough to watch, all I can do is share how I did it and hope that they can follow, hope that they don’t cave in and go back to their jailers Thanks so much for posting this Kira, much love!.

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