1. You have to get a doctor’s note to pee more than once or twice per day.
2. You are regularly moved around like a piece on a chessboard.
3. Managers are unmoved and unconcerned about huge issues and completely freak out about inconsequential bullshit.  Example: In a call center, several complaints were lodged against 2 managers who were verbally berating their female subordinates on a regular basis. One manager even was reported to have thrown a chair across the room during a meeting and the other manager chased at least 2 women down, one woman cowering in her cubical begging him to get away.  Management issued a conduct warning to the woman cowering in her cubical citing that she was a disturbance to those around her.  Nothing was done about the chair throwing and verbal berating either.  Then someone was reported to have worn a sandal that looked like a flip flop and management responded by having a meeting where managers reviewed the dress policy and examples of footwear were brought in and passed around during the meeting to show supervisors the difference between a sandal and a flip flop
4. People who get cancer are fired for bad attendance.
5. People who have chronic illnesses are badgered by supervisors for their attendance which further exacerbates the chronic condition making attendance even worse, eventually resulting in dismissal.
6. Tattle tailing like a 5 year old is encouraged and rewarded.
7. Vicious rumors are spread by management about their best and brightest due to pathological jealousy.  Then a huge committee is formed to try to figure out why retention of their best and brightest is so poor.
8. The smartest people who work the hardest get paid the least and the stupidest people don’t do any work and get paid the most.
9. Management leaves a suggestion box out and makes a big announcement about it.  Suggestions are left in the box and only the pettiest ones are responded to.
10. Your peers warn you upon hire not to “let your star shine to brightly.”

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Tall Hot Chick, intercultural clown, insurgent, poet, singer, water protector, land defender, grower of food and flowers.
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  1. it’s not just management, it can also be other workers around you. psychopaths attract other psychopaths in a company “cult”ure.

    • True, psychopaths attract other psychopaths and they hunt and prey in packs. HSE Eire is a fine example Thomas. One social worker even went so far as to inform the court re one strong woman having her own “cult”. No members etc and the judge accepted it and it all went on woman’s record. last year she contacted Data Commissioner , stated she was only a member of Roman Catholic and if that is a crime, then Gardai have millions of people to

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