Circumcision: America’s Gaping Psychopathic Wound

In a world run by psychopaths, genital mutilation is just business, a means by which to maintain control and keep society in chaos and pain.  In countries and societies where genital mutilation is practiced, violence is a way of life.  In America, circumcision of infant boys is virtually mandatory.  If you find this hard to believe, have a baby and opt not to circumcise and see how forceful the medical community becomes in attempting to enforce this psychopathically rooted norm.

How can we, as parents, willingly allow our newborn infant sons to have their genitals mutilated for no medical purpose?  It appears to be societal pressure, pressure by the medical community and lack of information and education about the subject.  It is also that we do not remember a time when this was not done.  It has become normalized in America.  Despite the fact that doctors, according to their own bioethical standards, should be educating parents to the fact that circumcision is an elective, cosmetic surgery, most parents are not informed and only discover that it is elective when insurance does not cover the procedure.  Parents, in reality, are rarely informed about the risks and so-called benefits of the procedure.

Birth is enough of a shock for our babies.  To add the shock and pain of genital mutilation is a wound that still hurts even when a baby has grown to a man.  Deep within the psyche of men who were strapped down and circumcised as an infant, the ability to trust again is never found.  We are told that it doesn’t hurt and that babies will not remember.  Quite frankly, that is complete bullshit!  It hurts!  We never truely forget anything that happens to us.  And when we allow the medical community to abuse our children in such a manner, we are complicit in their physical, psychological and spiritual wounding.

This psychopathic abuse against our infant boys is allowed to continue, despite the fact that we have the data to support it being harmful both psychologically and physically, thereby spiritually at most and not medically necessary, at least, is simple.  It is the first cut in creating a good soldier for the Psychopaths in Charge.

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29 Responses to Circumcision: America’s Gaping Psychopathic Wound

  1. Psuedonymous says:

    You speak truth but is important to know those who circumcise and their enabling parents are victims too. Circumcision is culture sickness. It is well known that victims of deeply traumatic abuse they cannot remember or is socially validated inherit a powerful subconscious need to validate their own abuse by perpetrating the same or similar parallel abuse on others.

    The truth of circumcision remains hidden in plain sight because it is just too horrible to face. Circumcising doctors and circumcising parents find the truth about circumcision to be literally inconceivable and remain in blind denial for similar reasons that victims of highly traumatic abuse often dissociate with psychogenic amnesia and deeply repress memories that are too horrible to comprehend. The emotional turmoil owning up to the fact that you terribly harmed your son, or hundreds of infant patients, is impossible for them to face so they invent rationalizations to validate continuing the abuse, passing it on to others rather than admit to themselves they made such a dreadful mistake. Denial in circumcised men is similar. It is very painful and hard to accept that somebody sexually tortured and permanently disfigure your penis “for your own good”. Most men would rather believe almost anything than admit that their own penis is defective and their own parents made it that way on purpose.

    Yes the truth hurts so much our psyche refuses to contemplate the very possibility we might be severely harming our boys for no good reason. But the truth must be known. Thank you for speaking out.

    Also, not every boy reacts to circumcision the same way. Circumcision makes future psychopaths in addition to programming perfect victims.

  2. Kevin Elks says:

    I agree with you and you are correct in every respect. But it goes further than that.

    It is in fact sexual abuse and wounding with no legal defense, it is therefore a criminal act, it only lacks prosecution. This vile sexual abuse of children has been ignored for so long that it has become normalised and a crime that has been allowed to override constitutional rights and international human rights of both the child and the adult the child will become should he/she survive; it has also overridden all the statutes and common law in place for child protection.

    We all need to take a step back and rethink the situation. Things that are irrelevant are the harm done, claims of health benefits, arguments about religious or parental rights.and some false notion that we need to prove anything.

    The truth of the situation is the legal rights of the child and the adult that child will become, equality, constitutional and international human rights. The rest of the discussions that I have witnessed going on for decades does nothing but add to the smoke and mirrors situation perpetuating the myth that this vile practice done to a child is legal; it is NOT legal, it simply lacks prosecution of which any court that has not been corrupted would find on the facts in law alone against this sexual crime.

    Kevin Elks, Dover, Kent, England (UK)

  3. Matt says:

    Thank you for writing this article.
    I’d like to say I agree 100% with what Psuedonymous has already said. He shows a level of understanding that I can relate to, being a cut man myself.
    Anyhow, I’d like to expand on what he said, “Circumcision makes future psychopaths in addition to programming perfect victims.” I believe this to be true, at least for myself. I know that my mutilation has cause emotional harm. It’s hard to describe exactly, but let me try.
    They say that the distinguishing trait of a psychopath is that they lack empathy and remorse. When I talk to women about my emotional suffering they mock me and laugh. They simply do not care that I was mutilated. Then there is my own realization that genital mutilation is much worse than any rape. I mean, after a rape the victim still has all of her body intact. (except in extreme violent cases) So, I find it hard to care if women get raped. Hell, I find it hard to care about women at all since they do not care about me. Does this make me a psychopath?
    Also, I view circumcision to be a form of child molestation, far worse even, it’s a mutilation. Even the average guy walking the street would voice the opinion that ‘child molesters deserve death’ or at least to ‘have their junk cut off’. So I apply this same logic to the molesters of male children. They also ‘deserve death’, but there is not a single court of law that would prosecute them. Just imagine walking around and thinking to yourself that the person next to you is a child molester, and there is nothing you can do about it, and if you tell somebody they will not care.

    I say this all just to voice my opinion. I would never harm a woman (or another person) even though I have been harmed by them. I realize my anger towards them comes from what was done to me out of ignorance. I have found more healthy ways of dealing with the anger and overall can live a ‘normal’ life.

    • kyoung4 says:

      I hope that finding one woman who cares about your pain and what happened to you and how you feel about it now can give you hope that there are more women who care.

    • Oren Plano says:

      Once I learned about the harm of circumcision, I was shocked and became a regret dad. Plain and simple, circumcision is a euphemism for male genital mutilation and child abuse. I learned about the vile history and practice of MGM a decade after fathering three sons in the 1980s. I first learned about MGM after my second son brought the issue to my attention. After further research, my heart sank. I realized this never should have happened to them. My ignorance cost them a life time of living with the body that nature had intended. I immediately asked my sons for forgiveness. Only one replied, “heck, I’m glad mom did it.” His comment caught me off guard. I hoped he would either research the issue or not any sons. To my shock and horror, he had a son. His wife ignored the information packets. My son got emotional whenever I raised the subject and begged his mother to tell me to shut up. For two weeks, little “John” maintained genital integrity. One day they brought him home from a doctor’s checkup. Each previous appointment I worried that he was going to the torture chamber. On that day, the mother wouldn’t even bring him in the house. He was screaming and looked inconsolable. I immediately knew the parents inflicted their “parental decision” on him. This was a decision that he should have been allowed to make at an appropriate age of consent, as an adult. Instead, the curse was passed down to another generation. My son liked to tell me, “I’m fine dad. I’m circumcised and nothing is wrong with my penis.” If he had listened, he would have heard me say you haven’t lived long enough yet. The worse is yet to come. Once I learned that I was mutilated, it became relatively easy to understand more about my own psychological and physiological experiences with sex. My own father, born in the rural south in 1911, escaped the knife. I think if he had known the horrors inflicted on baby boys in the circumcision chambers, he would have protected me. If I had known, the medical butchers would have taken my boys back to be hogtied like a farm animal over my dead body. Rape is rape. Our society must stop turning a blind eye and deaf ear to the screams of our little boys. Ultimately, society reaps what it has sown. Circumcision culture is a national shame.

  4. K. says:

    I’m happy to say that both of my sons escaped this barbaric ritual. When they are old enough to decide for themselves they can choose to go the non surgical route if they wish. Why anyone would subject their newborn sons to such a thing is beyond me.

  5. George Hill says:

    The psychopaths are usually victims of circumcision who want to repeat and reenact the trauma of circumcision on new victims.

    Now that the incidence of circumcision is declining, one may hope for fewer psychopaths in future generations.


    • kyoung4 says:

      You are confusing psychopathology with proto-psychopathic behavior. Psychopathology is not the result of learned behavior or a result of abuse such as circumcision. It just shows up. Many psychopaths do, however, encourage psychopathic behavior in others and in the case of the psychopaths in charge, the ones ruling the world, they encourage psychopathic behavior through popular culture and cultural reward system. We can see that lack of conscience and empathy is in many ways rewarded in American culture, for instance and commonly confused with leadership skills. I have also studied cases of children who were born to psychopathic parents who were taught to be proto-psychopaths by the psychopathic parent by consistently and severely punishing any form of normal human behavior. Proto-psychopaths can change and be taught to be normal human beings. But a true psychopath is born a psychopath and will die a psychopath, regardless of their experiences. For more information regarding the differences between proto-psychopaths and true psychopaths, please read “Puzzling People” by Thomas Sheridan. As far as incidence of circumcision declining, I believe that is because more people are seeing through the lies of the control grid. For more information about the control grid, read anything by Thomas Sheridan or view his YouTube videos. Thank you.

  6. Kelley says:

    We chose not to circumcise our son and we were completely respected and not questioned. I think it is becoming more normal not to. It certainly wasn’t an issue with us!

  7. As an RN who works with newborn babies, I appreciate this post on circumcision so much! Thanks for speaking out and putting it in the context of the profound psychoemotional wounding that it is. Just wanted to let you know about the 13th International Symposium on Genital Autonomy and Children’s Rights which will be held at the University of Colorado, Boulder, CO on July 24-26, 2014. We will be covering the issue of the psychoemotional harm of circumcision from a number of different angles in the program. I hope you might consider attending, as it will be a great place to network with others who are aware of and active in social change around the issue. Our website is: and our Facebook event page page is: Thanks again!

  8. roger desmoulins says:

    “In America, circumcision of infant boys is virtually mandatory.”
    This was true of most American maternity wards 30-70 years ago, but is no longer true now.

    I view American parents as victims, not perpetrators, of the American Cult of the Bald Penis. For that matter, doctors are largely victims of the facts that their clinical education socialised them to view RIC as benign and as a morally valid option. We should keep in mind that nearly all native-born American doctors are circumcised men or are married to one.

    The evildoers are American medical school profs and sex researchers, who have propagated RIC for 130 years without ever doing the obvious research on circ status and sexual dysfunction. American researchers have never carefully interviewed several hundred women who have been intimate with both kinds of men, to elicit their comparative impressions. We have no good data on how many RICs and brises are botched or lethal. I suspect that such cases are reported in the media only if the parents contact the press. I fully understand that most parents prefer not to put a son’s damaged penis in the public domain.

    Circumcision is grounded in primal and childish notions that the normal human genitalia are disgusting, and give rise to passions that are hard to control, especially in men. Before 1920 or so, RIC in the English speaking world was grounded in the hope that RIC made men less horny, and a belief that male horniness was the deep cause of a great many social evils.

    Parents circumcise, hoping that by doing so, they will never need to talk to their sons, heart to heart, about penile hygiene. They circumcise because they don’t want to be reminded of foreskin when they change a diaper or give a bath. They circumcise fearing that if they don’t, their sons will be ridiculed by male peers in school and summer camp. Most of all, they fear that intact men will face rejection in the bedroom when they start dating. That nice middle class women won’t sleep with a man whose Dick is Weird. Men with PhDs have told me that intact men never get oral sex, and that never getting a blowjob is a very sorry fate!

    So far, this post and the comments it has elicited suggest a ghastly Freudian nightmare. But there is a ray of hope. I warmly thank all women around the world, who have bravely revealed in social media that they have been intimate with both kinds of men, and prefer intact. Circumcision advocates are silent about this fact. I want to close by naming some strong American women who have spoken in defense of the male foreskin: Gloria Brame, Lacy Green, Nina Hartley, Carlin Ross, and Rachel Rabbit. And most of all, the Great Mother of sex positive feminism, Betty Dodson.

    One does not need the empathy of a Bhudda or an Abraham Maslow to see that RIC is a grave violation of male sexuality. If it were proposed to strap newborn girls to a board, and to have male doctors remove most of their labia minora with surgical scissors, I submit that women like yourself would occupy maternity wards and daydream about assassinating the perpetrators. So why is it that hundreds of millions of people view as benign doing something similar to boys?? Thank you, Ms Young, for putting your detestation of American RIC in the public domain. Rest assured that among American women of your generation, you are far from rare. It is young mothers of your generation, and of the next one, who will break the hegemon of the Bald Penis. You will break it simply because America cannot go so far as to destroy the basic empathy of its women. I one thought it strangely ironic that it is women who will rescue the American foreskin; I now embrace the fact.

    • kyoung4 says:

      I was born in 1969 but was not blessed with a son until my mid 30s. I have a twin brother and as babies many if our experiences were mixed up. Some of what I experience as my memories are his and vice versa. For instance, I remember having braces on my legs but it was he who had the braces. We slept in the same crib. I knew that if I ever had a son, I would never allow him to be harmed in the way my brother was harmed. I married young and my fist husband was not circumcised. Because we were so young, it didn’t work out. My current husband is circumcised and was as committed as I was to keeping our son intact.

      • roger desmoulins says:

        Find a woman friendly and safe place to share, anonymously if you prefer, what you have learned from having been in long term relationships with men of both circ statuses. It is lovely that your current husband is intact friendly despite being cut.

      • kyoung4 says:

        My husband is Native American and knows that his circumcision was not traditional. His comment about circumcision: ” It’s not our way.”

      • Roland Day says:

        That is a pleasant surprise. Most circumcised men have emotional issues regarding their circumcision that causes them to adamantly insist that any son be circumcised despite medical advice that it is harmful and dangerous. It has come to be known as the “adamant father syndrome”.

    • roger desmoulins says:

      My mother’s views about RIC were perhaps no more than the following:
      ”It’s not our way.”
      “A man should have a say in how that part of his body looks and works.”

  9. James Loewen says:

    Brilliant! Thank you for this honest conversation about “circumcision.”

  10. Karen Glennon says:

    Thank you so much for your words on circumcision. It’s an absolute violation of a person on all levels. After a decade of speaking out about this, I am seeing more and more words from others who have woken up to the truth and have found the courage to speak out as well. It’s so encouraging!
    If at all possible, please attend the Symposium in Boulder, Colorado in July. It would be wonderful to meet you.

    • kyoung4 says:

      Thank you for your comment and commitment to educating people to the truth. I would love to attend the symposium but I doubt I could afford it. I will be visiting the web site and discovering more about your group.

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