Forever at War for the Psychopaths in Charge

Well it is official. While the Obama Administration distracted you with some nuke deal with Iran, they pushed through a deal with Afghanistan that will keep America at war forever. Ask the average American if s/he wants American foreign policy to include continued war with Afghanistan and you will hear a resounding NO! But what Americans want is of no concern to the Psychopaths in Charge. There are too many weapons to be sold and lives to be lost for their financial gain.

While you try to wrap your brain around the never ending war in Afghanistan, the Lords of Perception keep pounding the idea into your brain that the media was fooled by the Bush Administration into believing that weapons of mass destruction crap. Yet the media, the Lords of Perception, were not fooled at all. They were the ones fooling you, that is, if you were not a screaming lunatic like me warning every one that they were being fooled and lied into war.

Remember when America first went into Afghanistan after 9/11? Who were we after again? Oh yea, Al Qaeda right? Then shortly after Obama was elected, the mission changed into getting the Taliban out. Hmm weren’t the Taliban just invited to the White House a few years earlier to visit with Bush? Well, Americans swallowed it and the Lords of Perception keep on feeding it to us.

After a decade of “blood and treasure” being sacrificed in Afghanistan, the Psychopaths in Charge have decided that they would like our children to keep killing and being killed there for their financial gain and power play. Remember when you first heard the term “blood and treasure?” The Lords of Perception fed it to you so that you would know just how much is being sacrificed. The aim is always chaos and pain for the Psychopaths in Charge.

The Lords of Perception have also fed us the idea that our children are killing and being killed “over there for our freedom here.” How many times have you heard that? Yet every freedom we ever had is evaporating before our eyes. Our children our being groped in the airport by government workers desperate for a better job and our police force has become an army, killing at will. Ain’t freedom grand?

Now that we are in Afghanistan for the even longer haul, the Taliban is in Afghanistan for the even longer haul too, busy bolstering fascism over there for our fascism here.

About Kira

Tall Hot Chick, intercultural clown, insurgent, poet, singer, water protector, land defender, grower of food and flowers.
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2 Responses to Forever at War for the Psychopaths in Charge

  1. Nelson Figueroa says:

    Uncontroversial facts about Bush Administration: 1). They wanted to invade Iraq. 2). They did not blame it on Iraq but on an ally. 3). Unless they are total lunatics they would have blamed it on Iraq. And would have avoided 9/11 as a justification to invade Iraq. -Noah Chomsky, MIT Professor

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