Portrait of a Bureaucratic Psychopath – Rules are for Suckers

The cat is out of the bag. High functioning, “socialized” psychopaths are operating at the highest levels in every government agency and they are costing taxpayers millions. The latest example in the news is John C. Beale who was the EPA’s highest paid employee for 13 years, most of which, he reported directly to EPA Administrator, Gina McCarthy. While he reported to Ms. McCarthy, he told her he was actually working for the CIA as a cover story for not showing up to work for months at a time. He basically did whatever the hell he felt like doing and got paid for it, scamming the agency out of $900,000 in the process. Beale and bureaucrats like him are the very people who set policy in the US. So it is really of little wonder why our affairs are so screwed up!

While I am in no way diagnosing Beale as a psychopath, I am asserting that his behavior fits the profile of the typical bureaucratic psychopath who makes his way into senior management in a government agency and then takes advantage of his position and does whatever he feels like doing with no consequence. The fact that he was finally caught is a mere fluke and, as usual, because he simply got too greedy and kept receiving a paycheck, even after his brazen retirement party, attended by senior management, including Administrator McCarthy.

In addition, the investigation was initiated by the Administrator and not by a non-management employee. That makes a huge difference in the outcome of any investigation. If management initiates and investigation, it will be investigated. If a non-management employee makes a complaint which, in turn, initiates an investigation, there will be action to make it appear as though an investigation is happening but nothing will actually be investigated until the non-management employee hires a lawyer.

It is a racket. It is a game and all the gasbag, political grandstanding that gets pumped out of Washington will not change that. Sure they will talk a good game about accountability but again, it is all for show. The appearance of accountability is enough.

Although there are rules and laws governing conduct of individual employees in government agencies, those rules and laws, almost always, only apply to the non-management employees. When a non-management employee makes a complaint against a management employee, they are automatically not believed, even when there is ample evidence to prove the claims made in the complaint. Managers will then lie on affidavits and cover each other’s asses, regarding non-management complaints, with no consequence. The vast majority of claims made by non-management staff go through a bullshit, go-through-the-motions-like-we-care process that changes nothing except the complainant is put on an agency blacklist and never promoted again and/or fired for something made up or petty.

Rules are for suckers.

How a top climate change expert defrauded EPA out of $900K by claiming he was an undercover CIA agent and spent $260K traveling first class so he didn’t have to show up for work


32 month sentence

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  1. I couldn’t even bother to go thru the first video. Too painful. Just a lot of school kids throwing sand at each other in the sandbox.

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