Psychopaths: Piercing Your Body, Harvesting Your Energy

So you are thinking about getting a piercing because it is hot, cool, sexy etc… Have you looked into the origins of piercing and your motivations for getting the piercing? Piercing, as we know it, was all started by one non-Indian man who went to a sundance ceremony in the 1970’s and his vision of “modern primitive” sub-culture began.
He calls himself Fakir Musafar and his web site is here:
About Fakir Musafar

The sundance is a sacred ceremony, one of seven given to the Lakota people by White Buffalo Calf Pipe Woman. Sundancers are called to dance in the hot sun with no food and water for 4 days and do so as an offering for the People and for all life to continue. The flesh offering of the piercing round in the sundance ceremony is also a sacrifice for all life to continue.

What Fakir Musafar singlehandedly (and with many followers) did was take piercing out of the realm of the sacred and put it squarely into the realm of the profane. In fact, his 1985 documentary is called “Dances Sacred and Profane.” One thing is certain, the underworld created by the modern primitive movement and the subsequent body piercing fad has created a very dark space where, primarily young people, seeking to make themselves special through body modification, can have their energy harvested for a price.

The prices are listed on the wall at your nearest piercing studio. There is a high probability that your local “piercing professional” is a psychopath or energy vampire of some dark variety who enjoys you paying him or her to allow him or her to injure you.

Think about your choices and who you let do what to you.

Did you ever have a piercing that did not heal? Think about why. Think clearly about your piercing experience and how it felt not only physically but emotionally and spiritually. I cannot even tell you the number of people who have described to me their experiences of having their energy harvested by someone piercing them. The number is too high.

Watch the person who you are thinking about trusting with piercing you for an extended period of time before you allow him or her to pierce you. Watch his or her interactions while piercing others. Watch for signs of intoxication after they pierce someone. A psychopath who harvests energy will get high off piercing. I bet you will not find many average, everyday “piercing professionals” who will allow you to observe their work.

People like Fakir Mustafar will allow people to observe his work. He has been teaching people how to pierce for 30 + years. But he gets high off people watching him pierce and be pierced. And that is a whole other dark corner of the piercing world.

We will get into that in my next blog post.

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