Fetish Pierced Musician and Artist Culturally Engineers Chaos

In my last blog post, I got into the origins of the modern primitive movement and piercing as a means for the piercer to harvest energy from the person being pierced. This is not to suggest that every person who pierces others is a psychopath but like surgeons, “piercing professionals” have a high probability or high incidence of psychopaths joining their ranks. Any profession which involves permanently altering others carries that high probability because that is what psychopaths do. They alter you. They change you. What we are only just beginning to understand is how they alter our consciousness with their traumatizing personalities as consciousness parasites and how they are beings infected with a predatory consciousness.

In the 1980s, fetish piercing spread to England and Europe through fetish piercing and tattoo magazines. Genital piercing became all the rage in underground circles. Genesis P-Orridge and his first wife Paula P-Orridge become the European poster children for genital piercing, traveling the world with their sexual ritual where Paula hangs Genesis from his piercings before live audiences. Audiences around the world, wincing in pain at the unusually horrifying sights before them have their energy harvested unwittingly.

In the 1990s P-Orridge meets and marries his next wife whom he calls Lady Jayne. The two of them engage in a series of cosmetic surgeries in an effort to become gender-neutral and look like each other. They called it art and more specifically “pandrogny.” P-Orridge welcomes transhumanism with open arms.

In 2007, Lady Jayne, at least 20 years P-Orridge’s junior, dies an early death. The official cause was a heart condition possibly related to stomach cancer but what it truly looks like is that she was consumed by her husband.

In this Soft Focus video interview with Genesis P-Orridge, s/he lays out his/her agenda as a “cultural engineer” to “destroy all archetypes” and engage in “cosmetic surgery and cultural engineering.” P-Orridge is quite clear about his/her belief that “nothing is sacred.” This includes your body. For P-Orridge, the body is not sacred and should not be treated as such. This is the central theme of his/her life.

Genisis P Orridge

P-Orridge and his many experiments are but mere examples of pathology and or mental illness masquerading as art. Where there is no beauty, there is no art. When we seek an alternative to the realities that the Psychopaths in Charge have foisted upon us, we must also be equally avoidant of the damaging alternatives available for our consumption.

Art is still beauty and no amount of cultural engineering will ever change that.

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2 Responses to Fetish Pierced Musician and Artist Culturally Engineers Chaos

  1. anonymous says:

    Look into the child pornography and abuse charges against P-Orridge in the UK. There was a reason he had to leave the country. His first wife has changed her name and is now involved in pretendian stuff. Spiritual tourism and ceremony-selling.

    P-Orridge turned up on an episode of the US show, “Oddities,” about a store in NYC. He had a horrific horn made from someone’s leg bone. He tried playing it and failed. You could feel the bad vibes through the screen.

    • kyoung4 says:

      Well there were always those rumors about why he left England. The official story was obscenity charges but everyone knew there was more to it. I’m sure the children are fine young ladies as long as they stay away. I didn’t know Paula was involved in selling ceremony but I’m not surprised.

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