Portrait of a Community Enabled Psychopath

Jerry Sandusky is back in the news today demanding the reinstatement of his $4,900 a month pension.

Jerry Sandusky Fights for Pension from Jail

This is a man who raped young, vulnerable boys for decades and the Penn State power apparatus protected him for decades with full knowledge of the monster they were protecting. This is a man who created a charity for boys, not because he cared about them, but because the charity allowed him to hand pick his victims year after year and if they dared to tell, nobody would believe them. Everyone who knew him knew there was something off about him but they ignored it because Penn State football was more important to them than the shattered lives of the young boys who were brutally victimized by Sandusky. His inner circle watched for decades while he hand-picked boy after boy, parading them around at football games like they were his girlfriends.

While I am not diagnosing Sandusky as a psychopath, his behavior certainly fits the pattern of a psychopath who enjoys harvesting energy from children and believes it is his right to do so. In true psychopath form, he never apologized or admitted any wrong doing and he never will. He will continue to lie and try his hardest to promote the ridiculous lie that his finally being caught, captured and convicted is all a huge conspiracy thought up by his victims to extort money from him. But the lies, the cover up and the fact that he was not caught and convicted sooner are the real conspiracy.

In the following video, Jim Clemente makes some extremely valuable comments regarding grooming and how predators are portrayed as monsters in the media yet don’t appear as monsters while they are abusing because during the grooming process, child predators are sure to meet the unmet needs of target children. I do not agree with his conclusions regarding Paterno because Sandusky was forced into early retirement and Paterno was part of that process. Sandusky was pulled out of a hot tub at Penn State facilities, where he sat with one of his victims, in order to be told of his forced early retirement. I do not believe that is a coincidence.


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