Freedom Industries Poisons West Virgina Water – Just Business

The name of the psychopathic company that poisoned hundreds of thousands of people’s, millions of animal’s and billions of plant’s water supply is called Freedom Industries. Freedom fucking Industries! The irony of that name will hit the families who are now figuring out how to bathe, cook, wash and drink without access to uncontaminated water, at a later date.

West Virginia is a state where the vast majority of people live in poverty. What are they going to do? These are some of the billions of people that are paying the price for pathological greed that has been fed, nourished and normalized by the Psychopaths in Charge. Nobody will answer for this because corporations are people, when it is convenient for the Psychopaths in Charge.


About Kira

Radio Host at Revolution Radio, Real Liberty Media and Peoples Internet Radio, wife, mother, singer, grower of food.
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