Never Apologize for Existing

Most of my life, most people have been afraid of me. I’ve come to understand, as I have been reminded frequently, I’m bigger and smarter than most people. Sounds crazy but the constant message I received from an early age is that I somehow, against the laws of perceived nature, grew past the size which has been allotted for females. Oops. Did I grow past 6 feet? My fucking bad.

I’ve always dreaded that look people get when they realize that I could be a lot smarter than they happen to be. It is a look of hatred and fear and it is unmistakable. All hope of authentic communication ends in that moment.

I also learned very early, that if I were to thrive, I would have to get the fuck over it.

So I did, for the most part, and I began looking for people that were excited when they discovered that I could be smarter than they were and I looked for people who excited me with their intelligence and creativity. My life has been a journey of finding those people.

Never apologize for being. Apologizing for your very existence is the apology that is expected of the psychopathically controlled society. If you are exceptional, in any way, you will be punished for it in either subtle or not so subtle ways. You will also be a constant target for the pathologically insecure.

Your exceptional qualities are what the control grid works to minimize for the sake of controlling the masses. That is why stupid and talentless people are famous and pathological insecurity is rampant. Nurturing your exceptional gifts is an act of “consciousness insurgency” against the psychopathic control grid.

The world is starving for your exceptional gifts.


About Kira

Radio Host at Revolution Radio, Real Liberty Media and Peoples Internet Radio, wife, mother, singer, grower of food.
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6 Responses to Never Apologize for Existing

  1. There’s a lot of people out there that don’t want another person to be better than them. I’ve learned to not to argue on the plane of power and control or trying to outbest them because it attracts these types of people like flies to sh!t. Instead it’s avoidance and NCEA with situations and locations that attract these types of people. Just put your points out on a spiritual and common sense level and just be yourself and you will best them.

  2. While most of this is true, it’s always good to keep compassion in your heart. The compassion is love, understanding, peace and willingness to learn from others, to listen to others. Where you may be intelligent in one area, you may be dumb to another. Intelligence without compassion is a form of self righteous ignorance.

    • kyoung4 says:

      I agree. Compassion has been my spiritual practice for almost 20 years. I have also learned that compassion is for humans and not consciousness parasites masquerading as humans.

  3. says:

    I hear you and relate!

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