Portrait of a Psychopath Banker

Many of you have read about Aubrey Lee Price, the Georgia bank president who is accused of stealing 21 million dollars from investors. Price is accused of faking his death in order to abscond with the millions he allegedly stole. So much about Price’s story is riddled with psychopathic features.

Firstly, Price was an evangelical banker who was known to quote the Bible frequently. He created a persona of a religious man which he used to manipulate the investors from which he is accused of stealing so much. One could argue that the evangelical Christian path is one that fits perfectly into the psychopath’s play book and appeals to the psychopath because it is all about telling others how they should live. The evangelical persona is perfect for the cash swindling psychopath because too many people will trust a person simply for pretending to be a “Good Christian.”

Secondly, most people were startled at the difference in how the Banker Price looked and the Price on the run looked. They did not even look like the same person. This is a classic tactic used by the psychopath when they are about to be caught and arrested. Conned ex-lovers of psychopaths often are shocked when running into their ex-lover because they can barely recognize them. Many do not recognize their psychopath ex-lovers while they are being stalked for years after the relationship is over.

Thirdly, when Price finally realized he was about to be arrested once his identity was discovered, he told the policeman who had detained him his real identity exclaiming, “I’m going to make you famous.” Does anyone know the policeman’s name who arrested Price? Certainly not and that is what we call grandiosity, folks.

Lastly, Price faces a maximum of a 1 million dollar fine for stealing 21 million. That is a 20 million dollar profit. The Psychopaths in Charge have designed it to be that way. So-called “white collar” crimes have always been good business for the swindlers out there. The bigger the crime, the more chance the psychopaths have of getting away with it. Although Price faces 30 years in prison, there is not a chance in hell he will serve anything close to 30 years. Mark my word.


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