Portrait of a Psychopath Cop

Many of us are aware the “criminal justice” field is one which attracts an inordinate amount of psychopaths. Like bankers, surgeons and politicians, psychopaths are attracted to the unquestioned power that these professions offer. The case of retired police captain Curtis Reeves, shooting and killing an unarmed man and injuring the man’s wife is a text book example of an entitled psychopath doing what psychopaths do… whatever they hell they want.

Reeves was annoyed that his victim, Chad Oulson was texting his daughter’s babysitter during the movie and went to find a manager to get him to stop. The psychopath will always seek to control others, even when it is none of their damn business. When Reeves could not find a manager, he became enraged and went back to the movie. Upon Reeves return, Oulson asked if Reeves went to tell on him, clearly annoyed at Reeves intrusion into his business. Witnesses say they saw Oulson throw some popcorn at Reeves. That is when Reeves took out his semi-automatic weapon and fired twice, shooting and killing Oulson and injuring his wife.

In true psychopath form, as soon as Reeves was caught, he played the victim, claiming Oulson was the aggressor and he was in fear for his life. He tried for a “stand your ground” defense but it did not fly. Witnesses said there was never any physical contact between the two men and Oulson was unarmed. Reeves said he was struck with fear when he felt an unknown object hit his face (popcorn). I bet that hurt as much as a kiss on the cheek.

Another woman is now claiming that she was threatened by Reeves in the same theater for the same reason. I am positive as this case develops, we will find that there were even more incidences involving Reeves which paint a picture of a man who felt entitled to his aggressive and bullying behavior.

Stay tuned.


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2 Responses to Portrait of a Psychopath Cop

  1. Karen Ulvang says:

    A psychopath wears a bullet proof vest and comes armed to the theater and demands people act in accordance to his wishes. He could have up and moved seats.

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