The New Age Lie About Psychopathy

“Be careful about your focus on psychopaths. It will only draw more of them to you.” That is the sincere warning that my new age friends give me while they spend all of their hard earned money going to seminars lead by psychopath gurus. My response is always they same. “That is new age nonsense. Our only defense is knowing exactly what they are and how to identify them and keep them out of our lives.”

Since I have, by sheer force of will and a lot of time reading, molded myself into an expert in psychopathology, exactly zero psychopaths have targeted me. That was not the case before I educated myself. I may still have to work with them every day but they stay away from me. They know their secret is not safe with me.

Why would new age gurus teach such nonsense? They are all psychopaths or facsimiles thereof. Case in point, James Ray, author of the pinnacle of new age nonsense “The Secret.” After appropriating Native ceremony and using it to make millions, he killed 3 people in what can only be described as the devil’s version of a sweat lodge.

He broke absolutely every teaching regarding the Inipi ceremony. One is never to make money off a sweat lodge or use it as a means to profit financially. If you run a lodge, you must accept anyone who asks to take part. You should also be a sundancer or appointed by your community in some way to “pour water” or run a sweat lodge. And there are specifications on the materials that should be used to make a sweat lodge as well as the size and shape of a sweat lodge. James Ray ignored all of the teachings and 3 people paid for his hubris with their lives.

The below video interview with James Ray after being released from prison illustrates the classic tell tale signs of a psychopath. Ray only served 20 months in prison for killing 3 people! Notice the complete lack of remorse and the laser like focus on himself. He speaks of the experience being humbling yet he is not the least bit humble about his experience. He uses his prison experience as a vehicle for sympathy. His real message – I’m the victim.

His followers will tell you that you must learn to separate the message from the messenger. No thanks!

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Tall Hot Chick, intercultural clown, insurgent, poet, singer, water protector, land defender, grower of food and flowers.
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6 Responses to The New Age Lie About Psychopathy

  1. Anyone who claims to teach about moral or spiritual values should realise that the messenger is the message.
    The proof of the pudding is in the eating, not in the recipe book.

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  3. “They know their secret is not safe with me.” I’m curious to know what is that secret?

    • kyoung4 says:

      Their secret is that they are psychopaths. Their advantage is that most people do not know, leaving them open to be taken full advantage of. I can now spot them and they know that so leave me alone.

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