Just like the American government, where psychopaths are in charge, psychopaths are in charge of AIM as well. Anything good going on in Indian Country is taken over by AIM and/or their affiliates. If we understand psychopaths as consciousness parasites, than we can see that AIM acts like a consciousness parasite on Indian communities, dividing and conquering by forcing a “you are with us or against us” “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” gang mentality choice on every Indian they can sink their infected claws into.

Continually re-writing history to suit whatever persona switching that is needed to suck blood and money from any and all available sources. This includes Hollywood (and the liberal elite), which we know is run by psychopaths and pedophile psychopaths.

The so-called liberators of Indian Country are the correctional officers enforcing a corrupted and infected version of American Indian traditions which fool Indians and non-Indians alike into opening up the consciousness for parasitic predation.

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Though life on the rez for women can be very difficult it hasn’t the same across the board all encompassing reality portrayed in the first video link – there are good caring men who honor and respect them.

But there has also been an increase in violence directed at our women over the last several decades, one I attribute in large part to the examples set by AIM who substituted and promoted a thug mentality for that of a true warriors.

It is something more than coincidence when viewing statistics from the sixties to the presence.

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