Amanda Knox – Marked for Destruction by the Psychopaths in Charge

Up until now, the criminal psychopath portraits I have painted for you in my blog posts have been evidence of the psychopaths the justice system have fortunately been able to catch and put in jail. The case of Amanda Knox is quite different and perfect evidence of what a psychopathically controlled “justice system” with the help of a wildly out of control media, can do to innocent people who have been targeted and slated for destruction or sacrifice, if you will.

Obsessed with Satanism and thinking of himself as some sort of savior and expert in Satanic sex rituals, prosecutor/investigator Guiliano Mignini was convinced that the death of Meredith Kercher was a Satanic sex ritual. Instead of allowing the evidence to lead him to conclusions, he made his conclusions and then tried to force the evidence to fit those conclusions. The fact that people’s lives hung in the balance was of no consequence to Mignini as he leaked whatever suited his fancy to the frenzied media. That frenzied media greatly influenced the jury. This was a witch hunt and they chose Amanda Knox and her Harry Potter look-alike boyfriend for their witches.

Knox had known her boyfriend, at the time, Raffaele Sollecito for 7 days before the murder. She had known her murdered roommate, Meredith Kercher, for 5 weeks. In shock, extraordinarily naïve and just learning the language in a foreign country, Knox was initially unable to fully grasp the situation she was in. She trusted the police and that was her biggest mistake. Scared, confused and alone, with no lawyer and no interpreter, Knox broke quickly after they told her that her boyfriend had betrayed her and said she left his apartment for a stretch of time during the evening of the murder. She did something horrible to try to please her torturers. She accused her boss, Patrick Lumumba, of being at the crime scene.

The gathering of forensic evidence was completely botched and the only evidence that was not contaminated, the semen collected from Meredith Kercher, was that of Rudy Guede who has been tried and convicted for her murder. There was no DNA of Amanda Knox or Raffaele Sollecito at the murder scene. Prosecutors suggested that they cleaned up their DNA yet we all know that it would be impossible to clean their DNA and not Guede’s or Kercher’s.

Guiliano Mignini, made a fool of in the international media by the acquittal and through scrutiny of the investigation, has now attempted to gain back his former glory enjoyed during and after the Monster of Florence case, by convicting Knox and Sollecito again. It should not stand.

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