Prosperity Gospel – The Hybrid Christian New Age Lie

The Psychopaths in Charge love Prosperity Gospel. It is the perfect lie to uphold the status quo of them owning everything and imposing their sick control grid upon our consciousness. The serfs of today, the 99% if you will, get to be faithful Christians, giving their hard earned cash to swindlers like Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyer who pull in cash, hand over fist, with their mind control cults.

If you are poor or sick, guess whose fault it is? That is right. It is all your fault. You have not been obedient enough to God. God will only alleviate your suffering if you atone for your sins and give all your money to the Christian cult leaders who are using your hard luck and insecurities to swindle you. Keep your Bible closed because you won’t find any of prosperity gospel crap in there. The story of Jesus hardly teaches us that we will be rewarded for doing the right thing or for taking on the powers that be, The Psychopaths in Charge. Forget all that. The Psychopaths in Charge have another agenda. Keeping you enslaved.

The Psychopaths in Charge have the solution to the ones questioning Christianity too. New Age philosophy teaches the same mind control crap, wrapped in a different package. If you are sick or poor, guess whose fault that is? You got it. It is yours. It is not that the system is designed to keep you poor and the Psychopaths in Charge so rich that there is nothing left for anyone else. No, no it is because there is something wrong with you. You have not meditated long enough, sought enough healing or concentrated long enough focusing on attracting money into your life. Time to grab your crystals and wave them in the right direction. Maybe you could pick up a copy of “The Secret.” Never mind that is was written by a murdering psychopath, who appropriated Native tradition to make millions and kill a few folks along the way, harvesting their energies. Don’t pay attention to the fact that James Ray is already out of jail for murdering 3 people. Remember there is something deficient in you because you are not as rich as him.

So says the Psychopaths in Charge…


About Kira

Radio Host at Revolution Radio, Real Liberty Media and Peoples Internet Radio, wife, mother, singer, grower of food.
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2 Responses to Prosperity Gospel – The Hybrid Christian New Age Lie

  1. moragmcginty says:

    Another good one, Kira! ‘Serf’ is so apt and the whole tone hits a spot with me.

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