Indian Land Trust Laws – Brought to you by the Psychopaths in Charge

Indian Land Trust laws infantilize American Indian land “owners” by “managing the trust assets” for the “owners” of the “Indian Trust Land.” Since the Land in Trust, managed by the federal government, is fractionated to descendants and their descendants for several generations, it is more often than not, leased to non-Indian ranchers and exploitative corporations. Indian Trust Land “owners” do not even retain the right to know who else “owns” the land with them. It makes real sovereignty and issue and a challenge for those who would like to use the land for sustainable enterprises.

Indian Tribes need to put every ounce of energy into getting off the grid and getting their tribal members off the grid, wherever they happen to reside. As long as the federal government is managing tribal assets, true tribal sovereignty remains a dream.

You can see how such a set up is a psychopaths dream. Complete control and domination with a lot of leverage to manipulate and turn families against one another. Divide and conquer remains the psychopathic management style with regard to Indian Trust Land.

To add insult to injury the federal government has consistently mismanaged trust assets, transferring the funds into the general account and using it to bail out whatever entity the Psychopaths in Charge feel deserves the money more than Indian Land Trust holders.

Enter federal bean counter and Blackfeet tribal member, Elouise Cobell who sued the federal government on behalf of federal Indian Land Trust holders and won 3.4 billion dollars which has been distributed in light sprinkles around Indian Country and heavy sprinkles in the lawyers hands. Elouise Cobell won but never got to see the funds herself or how it was distributed.

Elouise Cobell, 65, Dies; Sued U.S. Over Indian Trust Funds

Indian Trust Settlement

Government Owes 30,000 Indians Royalties for Land but Can’t Find Them

Billions Missing From U.S. Indian Trust Fund

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