Dotty Sandusky – Psychopath Enabler Extraordinaire

Video: Jerry Sandusky’s wife: Victims ‘were manipulated, and they saw money’

Well Mrs. Sandusky is on an apology tour. No not really, she is on a “poor me” tour. After enabling her husband to be the town rapist of innocent little boys for decades by providing him the cover of the appearance of a normal marriage, she in now crying to the media about how horribly they have got it all wrong. Not only are we to believe a group of young men got together with their lawyers and decided the best way to make some quick cash was to cry rape but we are also to believe that everyone is a liar except her and her beloved husband.

Mrs. Sandusky made sure to bring along her flunky, talk show host turned filmmaker, John Ziegler, to prove that if you try hard enough, you can see it their way … that this is all a big mistake. Ziegler’s theory, which quite interestingly he didn’t go into during the Today Show interview, is that Jerry Sandusky is a “chaste pedophile.” What the fuck is that you ask? It is some made up bullshit that Zeigler gets to spew because he can’t deal with reality. His theory is that although Sandusky crossed boundaries, there was no sex acts with the young boys. Hogwash indeed!

Mrs. Sandusky is keeping the party line firmly in place with her contention that an old man showering with young boys is just a generational misunderstanding and that it was totally normal for men of Sandusky’s generation to shower with young boys. Now please ignore the chorus of men of Sandusky’s generation who hotly contend this insane assertion. Mrs. Sandusky was caught in her lie when Matt Lauer asked her what she would think if her children came home with a story about another old man with which they showered. She stumbled hard on that one because she is utterly full of shit!

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