The Dark Terror of the DuPonts

VIDEO: Rich Guy Convicted of Raping Infant Daughter Gets No Prison Time

With the recent news about DuPont heir, Robert H. Richards pleading guilty to raping his 3 year old daughter and receiving no jail time, it is a perfect time to delve into the deep darkness that descended upon the DuPont family some time ago. The privilege the DuPont family enjoys may shield them from jail time on a 4th degree child rape charge but there have been quite a few who have been sent to jail for murder.

VIDEO: Olympic Wrestler Dave Schultz murdered by John DuPont

Case in point: John DuPont who died in jail for murdering Olympic wrestler Dave Schultz. As you can see in the above video, John DuPont did enjoy the privilege of being a DuPont during the standoff with police. Anyone else who had killed someone would have had a swat team all over there house and be most likely killed themselves in the time it took for the police to hold a press conference about how DuPont no longer posed a threat.

VIDEO: Dominick Dunne’s power,privilege and justice – Maternal Instinct

The above video describes the dark and dirty case of Christopher Moseley, husband to DuPont heiress, Lisa Dean Moseley who, in 2000, was sentenced to 16 years in prison for the 1998 contract killing of Patricia Margello. Margello, who has been described as a former prostitute, was in a relationship with Dean MacGuigan, the great-great grandson of the DuPont founder, Éleuthère Irénée DuPont. Christopher Moseley was the step-father of MacGuigan and he and his wife strongly disapproved of the relationship with Margello. The bond between Margello and MacGuigan proved to be too strong for his mother and step-father to split them up. So Christopher Moseley hired 2 hit men to kill Margello. It is obvious that Lisa Dean Moseley knew about the plot to kill Margello and approved of it but she had her house boy turned husband to take the fall for her because she is a DuPont.

COURT DOCUMENT: The State of New Hampshire v. Robert DuPont

The above court document was issued in November of 2013. The Supreme Court of New Hampshire upheld the 2nd degree murder conviction of Robert DuPont for stabbing his wife, Jo-Ann Francis to death in October 2008.

Although most would assume that the darkness of the DuPonts is solely due to the isolation that extreme wealth and privilege brings, I believe that these tragedies are reflections of the immoral business practices of the DuPont family which have continued for generations. High society is the seat of the psychopathic control grid and tragedies like the ones mentioned here will continue as long as life is less important than money for the DuPonts.

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