The Failure of Feminism – Brought to you by the Psychopaths in Charge

When I was in college as a philosophy major, I signed up for women’s studies. I always got more out of the critiques of feminism by women of color than the writings by the original feminist thinkers who were writing from a place of privilege. My favorite radical feminist was bell hooks. Her book From Margin to Center was absolutely groundbreaking and mind-blowing.

As time progressed and I began to look at how feminism was applied culturally and socio-politically, I became appalled by its dehumanization of men and boys. How does a war between the sexes serve humanity when the original intent of feminism is to have the humanity of women recognized?

The result is that women are more hated and feared around the world and in America than ever before. From “witch burnings” in Papua New Guinea to women being prosecuted for miscarriage in America, the status of women in the world has only become worse under the feminist assault.

This is by design. The Psychopaths in Charge saw that feminist thinkers had a point and like all good movements, they moved to co-opt the movement and change it into something harmful, instead of something good. The Psychopaths in Charge have been quite successful with regard to feminism. Their move to place CIA affiliated, Gloria Steinem as the figurehead steered feminism into a dark corner early on and the fruits of such steering has resulted in the horror we see before us today.

Today it is a privilege to be able to stay home and raise your own children or something hard fought for and won. It often requires sacrifices that families did not face before the feminist promises and co-optation by the Psychopaths in Charge. Women were promised that the foray into the work world would enrich our lives and make things better for everyone. Now it takes 2 incomes to barely scrape by. Some women have always had to work to feed their children. Now we are all slaves to the corporate Psychopaths in Charge.

Men and boys do not know where they fit in and, quite frankly, neither do women and girls. The dehumanization, by feminism, of men and boys has resulted in the continued dehumanization of us all. It is the perfect storm of bullshit to keep the sexes fighting so we never have enough energy to fight the Psychopaths in Charge. Non-compliance is the only sane response.

About Kira

Tall Hot Chick, intercultural clown, insurgent, poet, singer, water protector, land defender, grower of food and flowers.
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2 Responses to The Failure of Feminism – Brought to you by the Psychopaths in Charge

  1. ajmacdonaldjr says:

    Now we’ve moved beyond well-defined genders altogether. The Psychopaths in Charge are busy.

  2. Jose says:

    I’ve been waiting to hear this angle for a long time. Psychopaths use the same methods to consume their prey as Capitalism does to destroy equality. To be in charge, they both must have the advantage.

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