9/11 PSYOP Continues with Victims Remains Moving to WTC Site

EXTREMELY OFFENSIVE!” 9/11 Families Outraged

The families of 9/11 casualties have recently been notified that unidentified remains of 9/11 casualties will be moved to the WTC site the weekend of May 10th 2014. We must ask ourselves why such a ghoulish act would be necessary for a memorial site and who is served by it. For myself and many others, the conclusion we have come to is that this is the act of a death cult reinforcing the Psychological Operations of the forces that planned and executed the 9/11 attacks against the American people.

The families of the victims were informed that the remains would not be accessible to the general public and placed in a special repository with the WTC memorial site. Whom will the remains be accessible to and why? Never in the history of memorials have the remains of those being memorialized been placed at the memorial site!

It is of little wonder that this move is upsetting to many of the families of the victims. There are well over 1,000 casualties that were never identified and now their remains are being shuffled about like the commodities they are in death and were in life.

12 years after America’s most horrific and spell-binding PSYOP that took their lives, the victims are memorialized by a massive watery hole in the ground? How does this honor their lives in any way? I have asked many friends who were responders to the disaster of 9/11 and each and every one is horrified, angered and saddened by this action. One friend commented, “It is like taking a person back the crash site where they were killed to bury them and have a memorial. It is insane!”

REPORT: Unidentified 9/11 Victims’ Remains Moving to WTC Site This Weekend

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