The Psychopathic Control Grid – Nipping Your Spiritual Journey in the Bud

The Psychopathic Control Grid is the system put in place by the Psychopaths in Charge to keep your spirit small. It is every piece of a matrix of illusion, custom fit around your psyche by the Lords of Perception.

The Lords of Perception feed you every false ideal so you keep busy chasing those false ideals and ideas about yourself and the world around you. Your fear of never attaining the ideals, custom fit for your psyche, through the manipulation of ancient archetypes, is very real because the ideals are unattainable.

When all the while what has been, is and will be before you is your spiritual journey and the expansion of your consciousness through the practice of compassion and human decency. Human nature is decent and kind. Any attempt to dissuade you from this truth is the control grid.

When we are led away from this essential truth about human nature, we loose our sense of awe and wonder. Awe and wonder is where our spiritual journeys begin which gives birth to the realization and experience of how precious life is and how painful it is to loose something so precious. This leads us to our creativity which leads us out of the pain of loss. Once we are led out of fear, loss and pain we are free to transform and be born again in awe and wonder. The spiral journey is never complete. Any system which blocks the flow of your journey is the control grid worming its way back in.

Fear leads us away from living. Don’t be led away. Keep your eye on the beauty of the celebration of life.

About Kira

Tall Hot Chick, intercultural clown, insurgent, poet, singer, water protector, land defender, grower of food and flowers.
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2 Responses to The Psychopathic Control Grid – Nipping Your Spiritual Journey in the Bud

  1. A little about how “they” do it… Dr Marimba Ani on the ending of european cultural construct “YURUGU”

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