Portrait of a Psychopath Lawyer

As with all of my psychopath portraits, I am not diagnosing Catherine Shelton as a psychopath but focusing on a pattern of behavior commonly associated with psychopaths. The trail of dead bodies, broken hearts and destroyed lives in Catherine Shelton’s wake speaks for itself. She is what good ole boys refer to a “trouble with a capital T.” What is frightening is how she got away with it all and her lawyer and judge cronies are stupid and / or ignorant enough to believe anything she says.

Most shocking is Ms. Shelton’s dismissive attitude about her crimes, including shooting a man in the back, for which she was convicted but served no time. She referred to the incident as skin to “a minor traffic incident.” She insists it was self defense and ignores the fact that the bullet entered her target’s back. He was running away!

Ms. Shelton is a master at downplaying her criminal behavior and creating narratives about her targets to make others believe that they are criminals and that she is the victim, yet her targets keep ending up with bullets in them. One thing is for certain, Ms. Shelton decides when her relationships are over. Those that have tried to leave her have had their belongings stolen, apartment burned to the ground and ended up dead. Those whom she knows she will loose to in court are not so mysteriously murdered. She speaks of these fantastically unbelievable circumstances as though it is absolutely criminal that anyone would think she is involved. Her convenient ignoring of the trail of dead bodies and circumstances of their deaths and her connection to each death is statistically impossible for any one innocent person to be caught up in.

Ms Shelton’s most fantastic rouse was her ability to convince a judge to award her millions in a liable case against her former employee whose husband, Shelton’s convicted husband murdered. As Shelton’s former employee laid bleeding from her gun wounds and playing dead, she overheard Ms. Shelton ordering her husband to shoot her again saying, “Don’t be a pussy!” Her husband stated that he had already complied and they left. The woman who was shot and witnessed the murder of her husband was successfully sued for liable for claiming that what had happened to her, happened to her. This is a prime example of hardcore gaslighting and psychopathic a wounding and of the sham our so-called justice system can be. Criminals like Shelton belong behind bars but instead they continue to woo judges in courtrooms and do whatever the hell they please.

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8 Responses to Portrait of a Psychopath Lawyer

  1. Chris B says:

    This Ugly Lying Hag should be locked up for life!

  2. b t nelson says:

    The stupid judge had the nerve to award her money for a victim having the nerve to truthfully tell the court what this psycho lady did to her. This judge and Shelton belong together, hopefully she will shoot him too.

    • Kira says:

      Cluster Bs cluster together, conspire and help each other out.

      • Dnniel says:

        Why isn’t the FBI involved in investigating these alleged criminal judges and alleged criminal lawyers who assist Catherine Shelton in her pursuit of miscarriage of justice whom allegedly protect her from these alleged crimes she commits?
        In Tennessee people just gun down people like this and be done with them!
        Two can very easily play that game!

  3. It’s Texas… makes me wonder what’s wrong with that state…. The Texas Cheerleader mom, ,this yahoo attorney, the judge awarding her the case…. incredible.

  4. Maria Domingo says:

    She is a psychopath! She shows all the characteristics of a narcissistic self absorbed lunatic. How can a judge come to a decision that she is innocent of a vicious crime? He only heard one side because the defendant is too afraid to go to court. She had her sentence set aside? How can someone who is only a defense attorney have so much power? Why hasn’t anyone from the federal government stepped up to investigate her? Is it because they are afraid they might end up on the wrong side of a gun?

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