Data Usage Limits and Agenda 21

Rural America has languished in an internet ghetto since the invention of the internet with extraordinarily limited access. At present, it is next to impossible for low income rural Americans to acquire access to the internet because of the high price of Satellite internet. Satellite internet remains the only option for rural America and companies like Dish are raking in the cash with the highest price and worst internet provider product on the market. Companies like Dish get away with bilking their customers because they know they have a monopoly. The rural internet provider monopoly is deliberate, planned and legislated for a few express purposes.

For those rural Americans that are fortunate enough to be able to shell out the 70-100 dollars a month for limited internet service, they still remain in an internet ghetto, unable to stream videos, use Skype and share data like those with unlimited data usage that live in more densely populated areas of the country. It will remain this way until more rural Americans move into more densely populated areas in order to gain unlimited access to the internet at a more reasonable price.

Despite the promises of the Obama Administration to alleviate rural America’s internet access issues, the plan has been to keep rural America in an internet ghetto until they are so fed up that they flee to less challenged, more densely populated areas. Once enough Americans have fled rural areas in search of more affordable living, the data usage limits will become a part of all internet service, including cable.

Rural living comes with its own unique set of challenges and rewards. Rural Americans that live 15-20 miles from the nearest grocery store and gas station need to plan their trips wisely and provision one’s family for all kinds of possible circumstances. The lack of affordable internet and phone service is just one more challenge for rural Americans. But the rewards are much greater than the challenges and they are the kind of rewards that the Psychopaths in Charge do not want us to experience.

The Psychopaths in Charge do not want us walking barefoot in the country or catching frogs in the creek with our kids. They do not want us communing with the hummingbirds and growing our own food. They do not want us living side by side with the butterflies, bees, dragonflies, fox, deer, rabbit, raccoon, bear, coyote, turtle, snake, eagle and dove. They do not want us to feel the power of a storm in the mountain and the tidal surge from an ocean 100 miles away. They do not want us bartering eggs for watermelon with our neighbor or checking on them when the creek floods.

Non-compliance is, as usual, the only sane response.

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Tall Hot Chick, intercultural clown, insurgent, poet, singer, water protector, land defender, grower of food and flowers.
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