Portrait of a Psychopath Doctor

Dr. Timothy Stryker is a perfect example of what Thomas Sheridan calls a “baby man psychopath” or a “teddy bear psychopath.” The persona of a gentle and caring man serves as the best mask for the monster hidden behind it. The more gentle and kind the false persona, the more devastating is the real, soul-destroying personality underneath. Notice how his voice has a disturbing quality to it as though he is working very hard to mask the murderous demon inside. This is because he is working very hard at maintaining a false persona.

Watch how easily he lies to the camera about the false story and smear campaign he created to discredit his then girlfriend and murder victim Dr. Linda Goudey. It is only fitting that he was convicted for perjury conspiracy in an attempt to get out of the money he owed his victim’s family after they won a civil suit against him. Look deeper at the story itself and you will see the elements of the story are a projection of his own inner-chaos. He paints his victim as a cheater, which he most likely is, and the story he makes up about the man in the car with her is a reflection of the real him. Watch how he tells us the truth and lies in the same breath. He says he fought with Linda Goudey after calling her a “pea-brain.” Then he continues to say he never verbally or physically abused her and implies her response to his abuse was crazy.

Taking the trip that was planned for him and his murdered girlfriend and missing her memorial is very telling indeed. The way he tries to explain it away is all about him indeed.

The therapist he married after murdering his girlfriend was hand-picked by him in an effort to prove that he was gentle and kind. He had to remind himself every day not to let the mask slip with her. Like the girlfriend he murdered, his wife was not a person to him but a prop. Like many psychopaths do every day, Stryker enlisted a therapist to assist him in his rouse.

It is only fitting that he died in jail as all lying psychopaths lead themselves to their doom.


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7 Responses to Portrait of a Psychopath Doctor

  1. It’s a pity that CBS have had the YouTube video pulled down because of “a copyright claim”.

  2. PJ says:

    I was a patient of Stryker. He truly was a psychopath. I had known about Linda Goudy but did not know that he was the boyfriend. He was monitoring me for cancer. Watched as physical signs progressed. Did not give me the much needed testing while swearing that there was no way I could have cancer. I questioned him many times about medication I was taking. When I caught him in a lie, his demeanor changed. He stated that my neck looked bigger (he had seen me every month for a year…I had brought that to his attention, he assured me I was fine) and that if I didn’t have cancer, he would take me off of the medication. I had cancer…he then proceeded to blame it on me, stating that I refused treatment. I never refused treatment. When I stated that, he then tried to blame it on missed appointments. I rescheduled every appointment I had canceled….and in a year’s time, there were only a couple rescheduled. I found out after this who he was…

  3. Bella says:

    Dr Timothy J Marten who runs Marten Clinic of Plastic surgery in San Francisco is a psychopath. He lies his eyes of after getting caught of torturing his patients while they were under anestesia.
    He is a sexual abuser due to the fact that his patient list nipple and labia majora sensation after face operation.

    This psychpath erred on several parts of face and body on purpose and takes no responsibility. Disgusting man.

  4. BeBee says:

    Dr Timothy J Marten is a doctor who is very ill. He harmed hus patient in several ways during face only skin opetation. Now the patient has sexual and feeling disability due to him liposuctioning her lips, nipples, labia majora. He also liposuctioned her face and neck and took pieces of bone from her jaw and forehead off. She is very much in pain because he nessed with her nose and the nerves around that area etc.

    This docror does not let speak with the operating room staff and hides the facts. He is very unprofessional.

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