Stop Praying To and Start Praying With

I have recently had a few inquiries regarding my religious affiliation. I do not endorse any religion but I do collaborate and co-create with people of all faiths. After 20 years of serious and focused study into the world’s religions and having the honor to learn from religious leaders of many of the world’s religions, I have come to the conclusion that it is not my path to affect evolutionary change from within any of the world’s religious traditions. For me, they are too tainted with pathology.

Organized religions have been used as a primary tool of control by the Psychopaths in Charge to co-opt and squash humanity’s spiritual development. That is why I advocate for those who also reject the world’s organized religions, to remember that it is important that we not throw out the baby with the bathwater and allow the Psychopaths in Charge to take away the power of consciousness of one’s own spiritual development.

I do not include the world’s indigenous, spiritual traditions in my conclusions regarding the world’s organized religions. The fact that these spiritual traditions have been under attack by the Psychopaths in Charge for hundreds and thousands of years, is a very large indicator that there remains some core truths within. It is these core truths and practices that present the largest challenge to the Psychopaths in Charge.

The aspects of any and all traditions that celebrate, honor and protect life and celebrate creativity are the aspects of all traditions that I choose to honor. Prayer is a universal spiritual practice that must be reclaimed by those who have no religious affiliations. Although it may feel to many of us that prayer is a useless endeavor, it is, in fact, and act of everyday, practical magic with the power to enhance your consciousness of your own spiritual journey, as well as your connectedness to all forms of life.

When I pray, I pray in thanks for my life, my relationships, for all life. I do not pray to any god or goddess but with all of creation, the miracle of which, I am part. When we pray to and not with, we give up our power and responsibility and condition ourselves to search for saviors outside of ourselves. When we pray with and in thanks we find fellow travelers, with which to collaborate and co-create.

About Kira

Tall Hot Chick, intercultural clown, insurgent, poet, singer, water protector, land defender, grower of food and flowers.
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