Forgiveness Does Not Exist for Psychopaths

Forgiveness requires a conscience in both the forgiver and the forgiven. When we attempt to forgive those without a conscience, we give our power over to them yet again and they revel in it and laugh at our naiveté. Just as they revel in our hatred and fear of them. In order for true forgiveness to occur, one must see that s/he has done wrong, truly feel sorry and communicate that to the one or ones who have been wronged. Only then can the wronged truly forgive.

Although psychopathic abusers are very good at appearing to be sorry, it is always an act and a means to an end (more energy harvesting from you). The abuse will continue as long as contact with the psychopath exists. This is why Thomas Sheridan advises a No Contact Ever Again (NCEA) strategy for targets healing from their psychologically, spiritually and physically wounding experiences with psychopaths. NCEA is the only path toward wholeness and toward letting go of the wounds of the past.

Letting go and forgiveness are not the same but both have the same healing effect on the body, mind and spirit. Just as forgiveness should never be rushed, so should letting go never be rushed. We also need to be careful not to tell others when it is time to let go or forgive. They are both healing processes and all healing processes are sacred and unfold accordingly.

Take your time. You are giving birth to a new you. And giving birth is a sacred process too.

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6 Responses to Forgiveness Does Not Exist for Psychopaths

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  2. myowncritic says:

    Thank you for reinforcing our right to heal and maintain healthy boundaries from psychopaths. Many times we are taught that forgiving people no matter what behaviors are the best thing we can do in helping them to change. This is just not true with a psychopath.

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