No Respite for Targets in a Sea of Professional Fools

Target accounts of therapists believing the outrageous lies of psychopaths are so numerous that it must be acknowledged in any serious study of psychopathology. Target accounts of lawyers, judges and social workers falling for the easily falsified lies of psychopaths are also too numerous to ignore. How can professionals that interact with psychopaths more frequently than the average person due to the nature of their professions, be so stupid when interacting with psychopaths?

The answers are as numerous as safe, normal and non-pathological people loosing custody of their children to psychopaths due to the actions and the utter lack of discernment of idiot judges, lawyers, social workers and therapists. We cannot ignore that there are socialized psychopaths that are judges, lawyers and therapists. For the judges, lawyers and therapists who are not psychopaths, they still operate in a culture, heavily influenced by powerful psychopaths, relying on skewed data and a useless DSM.

Controversies regarding personality disorders have been raging since the publication of the DSM-III due to overlapping criteria and endless emerging subtypes of personality disorders. This is a result of relying on skewed data on psychopaths. Only criminal psychopaths are being studied and there is virtually no data on female psychopaths, leading many therapists to diagnose many female psychopaths with Borderline Personality Disorder. This reality also leads to professionals knowing little about their socialized psychopath peers as well as other well-respected, “pillar of society” type psychopaths.

When a person seeks help from a therapist, the therapist has to diagnose that person with a disorder in order to process insurance paperwork. When targets seek help from therapists, they are diagnosed with a disorder but in reality they are suffering psychological INJURY. Psychological injury resulting from being the target of a psychopath is not a disorder, it is a normal reaction to the traumatizing personalities of the psychopaths that target them.

A psychological industry that makes targets appear as mentally ill for having normal responses to pathological madness and normalizes psychopathology because of culturally induced blindness to pathology leaves targets with a so-called justice system that is ill equip to help targets and so-called therapeutic industry that is not designed to help targets.

Our only defense is becoming experts in psychopathology and never giving up. You are the expert in your own healing.

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