Forever at War for the Psychopaths in Charge Part 2

Just as the mission creep in Afghanistan went from Al Qaeda to the Taliban, so too the mission creep in Iraq has gone from Al Qaeda to ISIS. Talking heads in the US create the illusion that ISIS rose up from the chaos of Iraq when in reality and exactly like Al Qaeda, this terrorist organization would not exist if not for the Intelligence Agencies in the West.

The reason ISIS had to be created is mainly twofold. Firstly, the Psychopaths in Charge in the Obama Administration and in Western allies’ administrations want to get into Syria and make as much money as possible off the death and destruction there. This aim was not realized the first time they tried. There was too much opposition from war weary Americans so they backed down, regrouped and came up with ISIS. The brutal killing of a beloved American journalist may just enrage enough Americans to garner enough support for military action in Syria.

Secondly, the “War or Terror” must simultaneous seem like a success while also continuing without end. So the Obama Administration created the narrative that Al Qaeda has been defeated to make it appear as though all of the freedoms Americans have given up since 9/11 have been worth it. But to keep the war raging and money lining the pockets of the Psychopaths in Charge there had to be a new enemy and that new enemy is the same as the old enemy, they just have a brand new name to spark the fear and outrage of the people needed to maintain the illusion of the necessity of war.

War is and always has been psychopathy unleashed. Meet the new enemy, same as the old enemy, keeping us forever at war for the Psychopaths in Charge.

About Kira

Tall Hot Chick, intercultural clown, insurgent, poet, singer, water protector, land defender, grower of food and flowers.
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