Race as Psychopathic PSYOP

The very concept of race has historically been used to categorize, separate, brand and package humanity, while at the same time forcing a manufactured identity crisis onto all people, whether categorized as oppressed, oppressor or both. This psychopathic PSYOP, played on all of humanity, is designed to distract us from the fact that all people are oppressed by the psychopathic control grid in different ways and depending on how one has been categorized by psychopathically influenced, confused cultural norms and conceptions of race as ethnicity, culture as color and gender as power.

Race, a central illusion of differentness among humanity, is used by the Psychopaths in Charge to distract from the real difference between humanity and the soulless, psychopathic elite. Humanity is essentially good, loving, creative, vulnerable and strong. Taught and encouraged to invest one’s identity in the color of one’s skin, eyes and hair and that humanity is always capable of evil, even with the smallest of motives, humanity is forever fooled into believing that humans are the same a psychopaths. The Lords of Perception fill the media space with trauma after trauma to remind humanity of the psychopathic nature they want humans to own for them.

Now after centuries of being watched and mimicked by the psychopathic elite, humanity is looking back and studying them for a change with full knowledge that the data on psychopaths is skewed because they only have it on the male, criminal underclass of psychopaths. The psychopathic elite are what I call “the pillar of society type psychopaths.” They are the Psychopaths in Charge, using our consciousness of our consciousness against us. Humans are finally taking back their birthright as spiritual, sensual and creatively loving beings.

Our cultures become mauled and bloodied when humans identify with their assigned color coded race, forgetting the languages, ethnicities, music and stories of our ancestors. The Psychopaths in Charge are served by mixing humans up into one controllable and controlled soup of guilt, shame and confusion.

Race does not exist. Celebrate the languages, stories, music and sacred dances of your peoples.

About Kira

Tall Hot Chick, intercultural clown, insurgent, poet, singer, water protector, land defender, grower of food and flowers.
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3 Responses to Race as Psychopathic PSYOP

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  2. Mike says:

    One thing i have never been able to understand, even remembering as a kid. Racism. I don’t see colour, All I see is people, each one as unique and beautiful in their own way. The psychopath’s on the other hand seem to be something very different. They come in all colours, shapes, sizes, gender etc 😉

    I came here after listening to several radio shows with you talking with Thomas Sheridan and Vinny Eastwood. I love your work Kira, Respect 🙂

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