Peer Reviewed Lies – Brought to you by the Psychopaths in Charge

Peer Review failure: Science and Nature journals reject papers because they “have to be wrong”
Not breaking news: many scientific studies are ultimately proved wrong!
90% of peer-reviewed clinical research is completely false – GreenMedInfo

The jury is out and the peer review system has been revealed time and time again to be utterly flawed in order to serve the Psychopaths in Charge, the elite, the status quo. Groundbreaking, revolutionary work need not be submitted to peer reviewed journals because no matter how sound the science, they simply will not be accepted into the cannon of scientific “truth.” The Psychopaths are making far too much money off of the current system that amounts to quackery to treat the vast majority of chronic illnesses and cancers.

Our doom begins with the USDA pushing a false model of proper nutrition with toxic grains at the base of the pyramid and much needed fats at the top. With our diets poisoning us, we seek help from the medical establishment and are told that our normal response to eating an unhealthy and toxic food supply is an indication that there is something inherently wrong with us. We are then experimented on with, peer reviewed, highly toxic drugs designed to mask the symptoms of our normal responses to poisoning. The side effects of the peer reviewed drugs require more peer reviewed drugs and this easy spirals into serious health crisis after health crisis.

To add insult to injury, the medical professionals and scientists who have found cures for cancer and autoimmune disease are marginalized and treated like the quacks when their status quo peers are killing people with peer reviewed treatment methods that don’t work. If doctors dare to treat patients with the cures that do work, they risk prosecution.

Make no mistake that this is by design.

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