Indian Country Needs More Anarchy

I do not buy into the idea that human nature is destructive and harmful. Even with the traumas I have endured at the hands of other humans, I never have believed that we are essentially bad. With everything I have learned to this point, I am led to understand humans as essentially a co-operative and innovative species. We have been fooled into thinking that what a small minority of elite psychopaths have done to this planet and to the way humans relate to themselves, other humans and the natural world, is actually human nature. It is a narrow view that informs this lie of humanity as a destructive species. We have thousands of years of human history to inform us of our real nature and a tiny slice of what we call “recorded history” to indoctrinate us to the lie. For the vast majority of human history, we existed in harmony with each other and with the natural world.

For more about what happened to bring us to the place we are now, check out the latest documentary from Lifting the Veil.
“Political power — armed central authority, with states and war — is it part of human nature? Is it necessary for human communities? Or is it a tool that ruling elites use to live at the expense of communities? A tool that does violence to human nature and the world?”

With the understanding of the totality of human history as a better teacher than the tiny slice of “recorded human history” that indoctrinates us to the lie of human nature being destructive, a new way of looking at recorded history opens up. Now that we know about this “tool for making tools out of humans” exists, a deeper understanding of how the planet has been colonized and why emerges. The planet has been colonized for profit. The totality of human misery and subjugation, the harvesting of human energy and the resources of our sacred planet has been and is for the benefit of the very, very few.

Bureaucracy is organizing principal that makes our slavery invisible and masquerades as order. All Peoples have been colonized at different times throughout recorded human history. The indigenous peoples of the Americas were essentially the last peoples to be colonized and changed for the endless profit of the elite. Europeans, whose indigenous ancestors were colonized centuries before, came to the Americas seeking either to serve the elite and/or escape their own subjugation by the ruling, psychopathic elite. Because it was Europeans that brought the infection of psychopathic domination with them, it is natural to believe that domination and destruction are European characteristics and traits. Yet this belief remains an incorrect conclusion.

In addition to my not believing that human nature is destructive, I also do not buy into the belief packages associated with theories of race. Our genetic differences are just not significant enough to support any current theory of race. There are also too many “genetic anomalies” for the current theories to be valid. When pondering the wisdom taught to me by my Lakota family, I am led to the understanding that we are one human family, living in relation to all life, of which we are all related. We are not our genes, we are our relationships. The attention we give to our relationships (human and non-human) is what makes up who we are. Our relationships are central to our story as individuals and as a species.

I am also led to the understanding that culture and language is what makes a people, a People. It is not skin color, eye color, hair color or genetics but culture, language and familial connections that make a people, a People. The gifts that a People bring to the larger human family are sacred.

So when I say that Indian Country needs more anarchy, it is with the understanding that the organizing principals brought to the Americas by people whose people had long before been made into tools to serve the elite. The organizing principal of bureaucracy, that makes our slavery invisible and masquerades as order, makes tools of us all and serves the elite. Tribal governments were created to mirror the bureaucracy that controls and subjugates us all for the benefit of the elite.

Roberts Rules of Order, parliamentary procedure and tribal government can never bring more freedom to Indian Country. Parliamentary procedure is what politely and orderly brought us The Indian Removal Act, Indian Blood Quantum Laws and Indian Land Trust Laws. Parliamentary procedure is what politely and orderly ushered in the destruction of the anarchist utopia we had before the Engines of Domination steam rolled over all life.

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5 Responses to Indian Country Needs More Anarchy

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  2. crocket says:

    I support certain forms of anarchy. However, indians were destroying the nature as much as other groups. They just didn’t have advanced technologies that helps subjugate the nature and other people on a global scale.

    I believe indians had to deal with their own psychopaths.

    • Kira says:

      Please provide proof of your claims: ” indians were destroying the nature as much as other groups” because you are simply not correct by any stretch of the imaginiation. Indians HAVE their own psychopaths to deal with both internally and externally and the provilage of your baseless beliefs does nothing to advance anything but push your ancestral guilt where the sun don’t shine.

      • crocket says:

        I don’t have a proof. I just read somewhere on the internet that native americans said they didn’t feel oppressed by new americans because their ancestors were destroying the nature as much as immigrating europeans and killing as many immigrants as they were killed by immigrants.

      • Kira says:

        Really? Just stopped by some ALT right Nazi site for their expertise on all Natives did you? Stop wasting my time with your ignorant bullshit.

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