Science as Religion New Age Fears and Religion Devoid of Spirituality

We live in an age where science is religion and religion is devoid of spirituality. Science cannot feed our souls when awe and wonder are considered childish endeavors to be put away with childhood. Religion cannot feed our souls when the Spirit has left the churches in search of souls unafraid of the mystery of consciousness. The scientific community demands that we believe the conclusions of scientists because they are the members of a special class, more worthy of our attention than the very truths our sacred bodies teach us every day. Like the priest class of old, the masters of social engineering, scientists are not to be questioned. When their bought and paid for, peer-reviewed lies are questioned, scientists will call into question the sanity of the questioner and expect others to do the same.

Scientists, like Christians in America, will point to the oppression of their class, hundreds, even thousands of years ago, and expect you to conclude that the suppression of their wisdom is still the case, is still happening, still relevant in the same exact way. Your thoughts and inquiries concerning religion are already programmed to reach conclusions already reached, time and time again. God is He. Humanity is in need of control or society will spin out of control. Matter is lesser than spirit. Leave thoughts and conclusions regarding the sacred up to the priestly cast.

There is nothing new to see when your spirit has already been captured by continued revelation programmed and taught to you as a sin against wisdom. Yet continued revelation is the very beginning of wisdom. Your new revelation is the day you give birth to wisdom.

The Control Grid demands that we kill the baby for new revelations will only lead us astray. For the sake of sanity and safety, our infant wisdom must die. We kill the baby with science and religion and we kill the baby with New Age escapist traps too. Looking for the answers kept out of our reach by science as religion and religion devoid of spirituality, the New Age promises new wisdom but feeds us the same repackaged lies. New Age teachers feed us the notion that wisdom is born out of pure light. Any and all focus on darkness or the negative will only bring more darkness and negative. The negative is to be feared and avoided at all costs. And what a cost we pay for this lie, for this entrenched fear.

The womb of the Dark Goddess is banished again! Fear the dark and negative. Don’t look at it. Do not question. “Stop being negative!” The dark, wet, bloody, warm womb is where new life begins, no matter what the priests of the New Age would have you believe. You have the right to question the priests of science and the social engineers of religion. You have the right to nurture your infant wisdom.

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3 Responses to Science as Religion New Age Fears and Religion Devoid of Spirituality

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  2. Paul Hayward says:

    Your words are true indeed… but any Scientist worth his salt KNOWS that any current knowledge will be transcended with new insight and discovery… and “stone by stone” their View of “The Way of Things” will be dismantled….. there is no permanence in anything BUT the Spiritual…. and it is heartening to me to find that some scientists, enriched by years of study of the Multiplicity of the Universe, gain a glimpse of it’s Oneness…. and are Converted to a Belief of the Unseen – again, by the sense of the Great Volume of the Unknown that resides There…. For is that not their future Realm?? Where else but from the Unknown and Unseen will come New discovery?? QUOTE : “The day science begins to study non-physical phenomenon, it will make more progress than it made in all the previous centuries of its existence” – Nikola Tesla – End Quote. May we relearn one day soon, the Beauty and the Soul Satisfying Rapture… of Awe, Imagination, and Wonder of those Things Unseen – and as yet unmeasured by the Hand of Man.

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