True Gifts

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We are always questing to give our true gifts. The day you give that quest up is the day you start to die. It is also the day you give birth to yourself when you take that quest back up again. Something real inside you will not let you give that quest up forever.

Behold the brave ones who dare to give birth to themselves. Our true gifts remain a threat to the Control Grid, the System… whatever you want to call it. It does not celebrate and cherish life and the true gifts of the living. It steamrolls over life for profit and tricks us into thinking success is somehow linked to profit. It tricks us into giving our false gifts and living only to survive.

Giving your true gifts is thriving no matter the material reward. Trust and keep giving. Watch your seeds grow. Harvest your bounty and give again.


About Kira

Radio Host at Revolution Radio, Real Liberty Media and Peoples Internet Radio, wife, mother, singer, grower of food.
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