Psychopaths in Charge Recommend Circumcision Using Peer Reviewed Lies

CDC seeks comment on draft circumcision guidance

Common sense and basic human rights momentarily took hold of the American Academy of Pediatrics in 2012 when they broke away from the insanity and did not routinely recommend circumcision for newborn infants.  The Psychopaths in Charge have now upped the anti with the latest draft recommendations for not only infants but sexually active men as well.

Circumcision proposal by CDC drawing detractors

“A peer review panel will also be assembled to examine the evidence for the proposal and offer expert opinion on whether the CDC recommendations are justified and appropriate for the intended audience. Final recommendations are likely to be published later this year in the Morbidity and Mortality Weekend Report, the CDC said.”

Now that the CDC has received a barrage of negative comments during the comment phase, they will assemble their peers to back up their lies and half truths and push the insanity back through the bureaucracy.  Be assured the assembled peers will back up the Psychopaths in Charge.  That is what they are assembled to do.

The assembled peers of the Psychopaths in Charge will not consider that it is morally wrong and a violation of human rights to perform unnecessary cosmetic surgery on an infant.  Since there is no medical need to remove healthy tissue from a newborn and a newborn is incapable of consent, it remains an immoral act of abuse.

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