To Decolonize We Must Decommodify

When the spirit of humanity’s natural will to freedom arose in the form of the Occupy movement, it arose in Native communities in the Form of Idle No More: a brother, sister, family member and friend who reminded us that we are already occupied. In order to be occupied, we had to become commodified. To recognize yourself as commodified and colonized is to face your own slavery. Whether you toil for just your basic needs and/or pay for the Lords of Perception to program you daily through media and popular culture, your slavery must be known to be free.

To free myself from slavery, I let go of the lie that I will always be supported when I am on the right path. The right path is often walked alone and with the few. To free myself from slavery I welcome my will to freedom and celebrate yours.

In my last conversation with Thomas Sheridan, I overcame my loss of internet access by going to the local Starbucks and doing my show anyway. I lost my internet because the price I must pay for internet access while living in the woods is four times what city and town dwellers pay. My student loan payments have doubled and I am struggling under the weight of what civilization demands of me.

Yet something energetically happened to me during this conversation, something shifted that I cannot explain but I remain thankful for this freedom it has given me to continue what I am doing on the Bridge.

Listen to The Bridge with Kira Featuring Thomas Sheridan here: The Bridge with Kira Featuring Thomas Sheridan

Listen live to the Bridge with Kira on Peoples Internet Radio every Saturday night 7-9 pm EST 12-2 am GMT (Sunday).

About Kira

Tall Hot Chick, intercultural clown, insurgent, poet, singer, water protector, land defender, grower of food and flowers.
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