Net Neutrality – Never Had It… Never Will

In July of 2014, I wrote a piece about the lack of internet access in rural America.

Read Here: Data Usage Limits and Agenda 21

Net Neutrality is now what everyone is talking about.  The FCC is going to straiten this nonsense out.  Or will it? The right tells us that we have always had net neutrality and this regulatory bullshit will just screw us over.  Government solutions never work.  Only the free market can save us.  The left tells us how unfair the system is because there is no real choice so therefore no real free market in the internet provider game.  This new system will be the great internet equalizer.

The reality of the situation has not been spelled out by either the left or right.  As usual, the debate rages without all the facts presented.  In truth, rural America will again be ritually sacrificed in the board room and on the Congressional floor to the gods of profit.  Satellite internet will remain rural America’s only “choice” for internet and data usage limits will ensure maximum profit for the Psychopaths in Charge.

The left is correct in that the system is unfair but wrong again that a government solution will fix the problem.  The government created the problem and will keep the current system in place with the illusion of progress to keep the Progressives happy until the next pet project.  The right is correct about one thing, more regulation will get us nowhere.  But the right is wholeheartedly wrong when pushing the idea that we have had net neutrality all along and that there is such a thing as the free market.  Rural America has never had net neutrality and never will.  Rural America will continue to languish in the internet ghetto and the Psychopaths in Charge will continue to profit off the backs of their slaves.

Update 3/1/15
The Bridge with Kira is a listener supported radio show. I am extraordinarily grateful, over the last year, for the support I have received, both financial and for those who listen and share my work. It all helps and it is all important. I live in a rural area with no infrastructure. My only “choice” for internet is satellite internet, which is extraordinarily expensive. I was recently lied to by a representative of Hugesnet who told me I would be getting 60 gigs a month for $60 when I explained to how Dish was only giving me 15 anytime gigs a month and then $10 a gig when I go over, which I did, every month. In reality, only 10 of the 60 gigs a month I was promised are available at the time I need to use them. So, I had to upgrade before my show last night to a package that again will cost me $100 a month, but for 20 gigs of anytime data. When you use up your data, they slow it down so you basically cannot use what you are paying so the Earth to get. Broadcasting a show and uploading the recordings for 4-6 podcasts a months takes more than 10, 15 or even 20 gigs a month, especially when you factor in the time it takes to share my work on social media, with no support from any established media source, which amounts to censorship through internet roadblocks, jumped all day long to get the work out there. Please support the Bridge with Kira by going to PayPal. My e-mail address is or use the donate button on my podcast storage page. The Bridge with Kira Radio Show

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