Conspiracy Fiction Drama – a Study in Plausibility

House of Cards vs. Grey State

Spoiler Alert Season 3 House of Cards

In Season 3 of House of Cards, President Underwood reinterprets the Stafford Act and declares unemployment an emergency in order to re-appropriate FEMA funds for his America Works Program. Although highly unlikely, this is at least a plausible scenario because it takes into account the Stafford Act (which is the law that governs FEMA). The interpretation of the law is wrong but the law is still at the center of the scenario.  Because the scenario is plausible, it is believable which makes for good drama, despite the fact that it would never happen.

House of Cards Season 3 Spoilers

In contrast, Grey State does not consider existing laws, government structures and agency purposes in their fictional scenario.  This leaves uninformed viewers in a state of terror and informed viewers either laughing or angry at wasting their time watching implausible conspiracy drama.  Grey State does not even take into account the type of agency FEMA is before casting FEMA in a paramilitary role.  FEMA has never been and will never be a military or police force.  FEMA personnel have never and will never carry guns, incarcerate people or force assistance on individuals who do not request it.

The recent murder/suicide of Grey State’s director and family is very concerning, but not for the reasons one might first jump to.  Why would one’s first assumption be that the government killed him and his family?  Let’s use our reasoning skills and really think about this.  Was Grey State really such a threat that it required a man and his family be murdered?  What possible threat could such an implausible move be?  We are talking about a move most people never heard of and never will.  More people will hear of the movie now because of the murder/suicide of the director and his family than would have before the murder/suicide so whom does the murder/suicide benefit?

One simply must stop and ask themselves why there is such an organized effort by “alternative media” to make people afraid of the only agency that’s purpose is to help American citizens before, during and after a disaster.  I think the answer is simple.  The so-called alternative media sources responsible for FEMA fear porn are funded by the far right, small government (when convenient), libertarian, tea party folks who do not want disaster assistance paid for by the government.  Hungry corporations need more corporate welfare and helping American citizens is just too expensive.

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4 Responses to Conspiracy Fiction Drama – a Study in Plausibility

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  2. They never show that the rich purposely cause the collapse and they profit from it further. They always present it as a mystery as to why the economy degrades

  3. The free market libertarians don’t quite understand the repercussions of their theories. Without regulation, we would all be slaves because it would be the cheapest method of production. We need regulations to direct capitalism to behave in ways most beneficial to us.

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