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Interesting thing about now deceased Theda Nelson Clark one time matriarch of the infamous AIM pie patrol that consisted in part of Madonna Gilbert Thunderhawk and Lorelei DeCora Means is the family relationship that existed between her and Russell Means.

A family bond that also included DeCora Means and Thunderhawk.

Clark is a convenient candidate now for informant of the year and may have been in some compacity, something that at least presently remains in the realm of speculation.

Clark’s later years were spent in a rest home and she was said to be suffering from either Alzheimers or a related form or dementia.

During the trial of John Graham and Thelma Rios there was a lot of talk that she was being interviewed by prosecutors and possibly would be called as a witness.

The fact that she wasn’t gave rise to more speculation in the form that it was…

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