Secret Service Baffoonery – By Design or Failure?

The latest revelations regarding the Secret Service and lax security at the White House are nothing new but the frequency of security breaches seem to be. There have been security issues at the White House throughout the Obama Administration and if we look deeper, since the inception of the Secret Service, most notably in the American mind, during the Kennedy Administration.

Abraham Bolden became the first black Secret Service agent assigned to a Presidential Detail. He was appointed by President Kennedy and took a great deal of pride in his work. Because he took his work so seriously, he could not stand idly by and watch his fellow agents drinking on the job and engaged in unprofessional behavior. His complaints were met with disbelief and he found himself a whistleblower with no protection.  We all know what happens to whistleblowers in America.

Listen to my interview with Abraham Bolden below:

Given the current state of affairs and the lax security at the White House, I cannot help but wonder if the threat of assassination might be one way the powers that be, the Psychopaths in Charge, keep President Obama from fully implementing the bold initiatives he originally had planned. We know that the stagnation in Congress is unprecedented as well as the constant threat of government shut down. When we look at President Obama’s foreign policy, we are hard pressed to find any difference between the Obama Administration’s overseas agenda and the Bush Administration’s folly.

We can either conclude that the current state of affairs was planned all along by Obama or that it is the result of some other strings being pulled by the Psychopaths in Charge. Either way, it is most undesirable.

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3 Responses to Secret Service Baffoonery – By Design or Failure?

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  2. It’s to keep the Prez in check. And there will be lax security with the next prez too.

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