Prison for Miscarriage – Brought to you by the Psychopaths in Charge

Indiana Sentences Purvi Patel to 20 Years for Feticide

The Psychopaths in Charge have picked the perfect case to begin putting women in prison for miscarriage. Purvi Patel, the first woman in America sent to prison for “feticide” gets 20 years behind bars. This should be cause for enormous concern and the legal precedent it set. Yet, it is barely registering as such because she is not a sympathetic character. She had an affair and in a panic threw the miscarried baby in a dumpster. That’s horrifying and causes a physical response in most human beings. We want to push it away. We want to push her away. Her choices make her unlikable and therefore unworthy of our compassion and moral outrage at the system which put her in prison when prison is not the answer for this case.

Will the next woman to go to prison for miscarriage will be likeable enough for us to give a damn? Not until it is common place. Until then, the Lords of Perception will continue to focus the attention religious freedom meaning the right to force your will and false morality on others and only if you call yourself a Christian.

Until then, the gaslighting by government and media will continue and we will all be proud of ourselves for caring about the sanctity of the lives of the unborn while the born starve to death in the streets, undeserving of compassion after birth. Until then, child rapists and murders will receive a fraction of the prison sentence that Purvi Patel got. Until then, there will be no murder charges for pieces of human garbage that forcibly cut babies from unsuspecting mother’s wombs, when they respond to Craig’s List adds.

Until then, the potential lives of the the unborn will be far more worthy of Christian compassion than the lives of the women carrying those potential lives. Until then, our wombs are wards of the State.

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