Bill Nye Signs On To Shill For Monsanto

In this recent Real Time with Bill Maher, Backstage interview, Bill Nye announces himself to be the latest science celebrity to join the chorus of Monsanto shills. Flip-flopping on his previous science based warnings about GMOs; Bill Nye vows to revise the chapter in his new book regarding GMOs. Bill Nye’s flip-flop coincides with his recent visit to Monsanto HQ and he is using the revelation to sell books.

To add insult to injury, Bill Nye drops a truth-bomb in this interview regarding race and the lack of any real science behind race theory. It pains me to find a scientist so open to the fact that race theory is a so-called science that started with a conclusion and molded a faux-science around it, perhaps in a subconscious attempt to make sense of the insanity of hierarchy. It pains me to find a mind open enough to this yet dazzled by the limelight into selling out future generations for the lie of scarcity that posits we need to genetically modify our food or we will starve.

The path genetically modified food has put humanity on, is a path that leads us directly to nutritional starvation. On top of the lie of scarcity, sits the lie of the USDA food pyramid that posits grains should be at the base and what we rely on most for our nutritional needs at all times of the year. If we look at nutrition from an evolutionary standpoint, humans have only recently begun to rely on grains for the bulk of our nutritional needs. Since the onset of agriculture, those of our ancestors who did rely on agricultural products for nutritional needs, only did so to make it through the winter months. Although past leaps in agricultural techniques that resulted in larger yields represented the difference between survival and death for our ancestors, current leaps like genetically modified crops represent a very real danger to the survival of humanity.

The biggest lie that supports Monsanto’s illusion of wanting to better feed the world through science is the lie of linear progression that posits man’s continual improvement through science and technology. As long as humanity keeps believing in linear progression, Monsanto will keep profiting off of that lie, humans will keep eating food like substances instead of real food and doctors will keep calling in prescriptions for the full-bellied, nutritionally starved, autoimmune diseased masses.


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