The Bridge with Kira – Why is the alternative media such a sausage fest? Episode One with Adam

In this episode, I begin a conversation about the alternative media and the truth movement. My question is why is is so male dominated? If we are creating an alternative, why is it so much like what we are creating an alternative to? I have begun this conversation with Adam who works with Aaron Franz on their Themes and Memes podcast series. I will be talking to many others about this question.

About Kira

Tall Hot Chick, intercultural clown, insurgent, poet, singer, water protector, land defender, grower of food and flowers.
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2 Responses to The Bridge with Kira – Why is the alternative media such a sausage fest? Episode One with Adam

  1. Gabi Angus says:

    Kira this was a fascinating conversation. You have finally flushed me out. I have been gathering info for almost 5 years. All goes in, but rarely allowed to escape. I have a 360 degree view from high on my fence and every day I see something new. I never really form any beliefs regarding what I hear, while at the same time finding almost all to ring true.
    I would love to be the warrior to stand up and counted- my passion is painting. I am a tarot artist. I am only really able to make my points in images.
    One day perhaps- I will have to speak, but for now my family life, day-job and art make no space, besides I am mixed up and incoherent. Having the usual selection of womanly guilt, my inaction in this matter contributes another dialectical layer. To do takes away from family. To not is to neglect larger responsibility.
    So for now I stay on the fence. A lurker.
    Thanks Kira- really so much. You are speaking for me.

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