Fascism in America – California’s new mandatory vaccination law

I have been warning for some time, in this blog and on my radio show The Bridge with Kira, that government propaganda through media has been building and shaping public opinion in an effort to institute mandatory vaccinations and permanently remove parental rights to make medical decisions on behalf on one’s own children. Those who question the safety and effectiveness of vaccines are publically attacked and called stupid, crazy and narcissistic. The attacks are never based on the information presented or reasonable questions asked, but instead consist of character assassinations of the questioners.

The War Against Anyone Who Questions Authority Now Focused On “Anti-Vaxxers”

Now that California has taken the dangerous and fascist step of instituting mandatory vaccinations, removing parental rights and any right to objections, this slippery slope will lead to the right to make one’s own medical decisions being removed from everyone (not just women and children).

The evidence that much of the public has absorbed the official narrative is all over social media as the brainwashed masses attack high profile objectors like Jim Carrey with comments like “when did he become a doctor or scientist?” Americans have been instructed to value the opinion of celebrities when they are in support of the official narrative and viciously attack them when they do not. Americans are now used to their opinions regarding vaccinations and medical ethics, being fed to them by celebrity scientists and doctors who spout the official narrative, “vaccines are safe and effective. Anyone who questions this is stupid or insane.”

Those who have had personal experiences of vaccines not being safe and effective must be silenced. The brainwashed masses are all too happy to do this work for the government by viciously attacking perfect strangers on-line for telling their stories and not repeating the official narrative along with them. Social media is awash with Facebook time outs issued to anyone who shares a meme or story that challenges the official narrative. This is not Facebook’s doing entirely but the brainwashed masses reporting personal experience memes and stories as spam.

The reason the brainwashed masses have to attack instead of engaging in dialog is because their opinions have been fed to them. So if there is no talking point for them to draw on, they resort to a personal attack. There is one question that vehemently pro-vaccine people cannot answer: If you and your children are vaccinated and vaccinations work, why are you so afraid of the unvaccinated?

Parents who only want to protect their children from unsafe and unnecessary medical practices are told that our healthy children are worth sacrificing for the good of the whole. But what the brainwashed masses are really asking is that we sacrifice our children for a lie.

Mandatory Implants and Vaccines – brought to you by the Psychopaths in Charge

In the most recent episode of The Moon Lodge, a monthly radio show that I co-host with Cari-Lee Miller, we talk about this phenomena in depth. You can listen here: The Moon Lodge – Episode 6 Honey Moon Pink Thunder

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2 Responses to Fascism in America – California’s new mandatory vaccination law

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  2. somethingelsegoingon says:

    I’m afraid you underestimate the psychopaths in charge. There is no medical theory behind 100% vaccination coverage. So something else is going on. What? Injectable tracking nano-agents, docility drugging for the human cattle?

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