Aspartame and Sugar are both your enemies!

In today’s pushed propaganda: aspartame is better for you than sugar. This is amazing timing given that concerned consumers were finally about to have aspartame banned and taken off the market. Just in time to confuse consumers and keep people addicted to diet drinks happy, the media magically finds new evidence to support sugar being worse for your health than aspartame, despite the hundreds of the well documented side effects of aspartame. A recognized neurotoxin, aspartame is responsible for a number of neurological disorders and side effects including but not limited to migraines, blurred vision, neuropathy, seizures, and memory loss. It has even been linked to cancer and birth defects. The most frightening medical fact is that aspartame crosses the blood brain barrier so the body is defenseless against the ravages of the poison.

The other truth of the matter is that excess sugar consumption is dangerous too but any amount of aspartame is dangerous and toxic to anyone consuming it. People with diabetes as well as others seeking better health through dietary changes, do their bodies no good whatsoever consuming toxic poisons instead of sugar. Good health requires real nutrition and neither sugar nor artificial sweetners provide any nutrition whatsoever.

What pro-aspartame propaganda does is reinforce the idea that there are shortcuts to good health and we all know there simply are none. Only real food leads to better health. No bought and paid for “study” can change that truth.

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Tall Hot Chick, intercultural clown, insurgent, poet, singer, water protector, land defender, grower of food and flowers.
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