Psychopathology: Genocidal Smallpox Blanket Infecting Our Hearts, Minds and Spirits

I have made no secret of my evolving thoughts on race, culture, language and spiritual traditions. As I understand it thus far, race does not really exist. The so-called scientists who dreamt it up had already contracted the psychopathic infection of empire and with it, the delusion of hierarchy. As it stands, the genetic variances between people of the same so-called race are really no different than the genetic variances between people of so-called different races. In other words, it is bullshit and a distraction from that which is real and meaningful for humanity and essential for our shared existence with all the other forms of life on this Sacred Being known as Earth.

All we have is culture, language and the stories, songs and teachings of our ancestors. All of our ancestors teach that we are all in this together and we all have a purpose and value. Yet we see a world in chaos and confusion, a world where those in power do not value life. We experience a world where the elite are rewarded handsomely for their vanity, hubris and lack of value for life. We experience a world in which those who have no value for the sacred are rewarded!

Many people today, come to the understanding of exactly what psychopathology is by way of psychology. Indigenous traditions teach of the phenomena as an infection of the spirit and hence the mind, body, heart and brain. The deeply infected, infect all life around them with trauma and despair. The trauma exists on the individual level through life experience as well as through ancestral trauma. The trauma exists on a societal level too. We are all faced with the result of the gradual normalizing of psychopathy as leadership under empire. Generation after generation of the new normal not being normal at all, acts on the psyche and enforces the delusions of empire on every level. This is what keeps the psychopathic infection raging in every community.

So it seems to me that the cure is to truly value life and our relationships; to choose gratitude and love of self, family, people and all our relations. This is what our ancestors ask for their blood spilt trying to protect their way of life, a way of honoring the sacred cycles and our place, purpose and responsibility on the Sacred Being known as Earth.

There are a lot of roadblocks and distractions to living with and not just on the Sacred Being known as Earth. Our emotions can get dammed up like the rivers that used to flow freely. The elite will issue their sanctions for listening to the Spirits. Those who continue to listen to the Spirits, will continue to give their offerings freely and live the way humans are meant to live. There are roadblocks to practicing compassion and to practicing honestly when it is most difficult and most needed. Again there will be more sanctions for holding those accountable for breaking the spirits of innocents via sexual abuse and domestic and lateral violence. Again there are even more sanctions for protecting the innocent and holding those accountable for the blood of innocents on their hands.

We need to stop playing the “I’m more Indian than you” game. That is part of the psychopathic infection. Separatists will not save us. We need to stop playing the white people are evil game. Liberation will not come of this. We have all been colonized: every color of people are colonized. We need to stop pretending that we are not shaming our own children and the child within when we repeat these harmful memes.

We can, however benefit from acknowledging that white people have been colonized the longest and continue to benefit financially from the land their ancestors took and continue to benefit from the work of  those their ancestors enslaved. White people brought the psychopathic infection with them. Many were trying to escape their own slavery. But that proves too hard for most to face. Colonized the longest, white people are rewarded for their cruelty and unconsciousness. White people are even rewarded for their continued ignorance and greed. This it also what keeps the infection raging.

We heal and decolonize together or not at all.

About Kira

Tall Hot Chick, intercultural clown, insurgent, poet, singer, water protector, land defender, grower of food and flowers.
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