On Veteran’s Day

Another Veteran’s Day and I am urged by my government to reflect on our fallen warriors, whom I reflect upon daily and for whom the promise of the People has been broken by a failing plutocracy.  Most of our fallen warriors have not fallen “in theater” but back home as the full realization that their protective, warrior spirits have been hijacked by the Psychopaths in Charge; hijacked for profit and not to protect the People. Our nation falls into Poverty for All as the plutocrats feed on our financial, nutritional, spiritual and emotional bankruptcy.

The will to be free is the will to heal.

The will of humanity to be free has forever been tied to our collective and individual will to heal: to be well and let be well. The impediments to freedom and wellness are the same impediments so it stands that the solutions found, work toward both healing and freedom. The impediments to our individual and collective wellness and freedom are such that keep us from seeing our own special part of the sacred whole. Yet somewhere within, we know our part.

Our individual wellness is intimately and intricately tied to our collective wellness, extending beyond the human community, to all life, living on the living, sacred planet we call home. Perhaps our fallen warriors, the ones who have survived and walk between worlds with their fallen brothers and sisters, have a new mission, partnering with the People to protect us from all that impedes our freedom and wellness.

Perhaps the People have a new mission too: to help nurture and heal the physical, psychological and spiritual injuries of our surviving veterans. The plutocracy will never fulfill their promise to take care for our veterans, so it is up to the People to care for our warriors in whatever manner each of us has been gifted. If your gift is music, make music with our warriors.  If your gift is food, feed. If your gift is truth, speak the truth with our warriors and always with a loving heart and without blame. It is out of love that our warriors sacrifice so much.

All our true gifts are gifts of healing; healing of self and the living world around us. On this Veteran’s Day and all the days to follow, let the People no longer give our sacred duty to care for our warriors over to the plutocracy anymore. Let us join together: to be free and to heal.

About Kira

Tall Hot Chick, intercultural clown, insurgent, poet, singer, water protector, land defender, grower of food and flowers.
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