Mind Control – Parroting the Narrative of the Cult Leader


One of the narcissist or psychopath’s biggest manipulation tools in the grooming process consists of repeating the same narrative over and over until the psychopath or narcissist hears it back from the target. The psycho/narc will use fake accounts via social media to repeat the narrative and, most importantly, to simultaneously gage when the target has absorbed the narrative and record the target’s parroting back of the narrative to use later in an effort to discard and destroy the target.

In cult of personality, social media environments, the followers/cult members will also do the bidding of the psycho/narc cult leader in repeating the narrative to the target, gaging when the target has absorbed the narrative, pulling the narrative out of the target and recording it when it is parroted for later use in destroying the target’s relationships with others and controlling how others view the target.

The target serves a purpose for the psychopath beyond narcissistic supply. The cult members provide a constant stream of narcissistic supply to their cult leader so the psycho/narc cult leader never has to worry about loss of supply when discarding a target. In fact, narcissistic supply is increased during the discard phase as the psycho/narc cult leader adeptly uses the pity play while devaluing and discarding the target.

The target is a means to an end for both the cult leader and the followers. The target serves as someone to project all of the cult members’ and their leader’s best qualities onto, during the idealization phase of the target’s relationship cycle with the cult. 

During the devaluation and discard phase of the relationship cycle with the cult, the target serves as a scapegoat for the cult leader and members to project all of their dark and destructive qualities onto.

In the cult environment, the members of the cult are not permitted to question the validity of the attacks against the target, post discard. Introspection is frowned upon by the cult. Instead of doing one’s inner work with one’s own shadow side, cult members enjoy the euphoria of attacks against the discarded target/scapegoat and once fellow cult member.

If the target has in any way revealed the cult to be a cult, the post discard attacks will become increasingly severe, frenzied and below the belt.


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Tall Hot Chick, intercultural clown, insurgent, poet, singer, water protector, land defender, grower of food and flowers.
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5 Responses to Mind Control – Parroting the Narrative of the Cult Leader

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  2. Robyn says:

    Thank you Kira . This is not in relation to your post, I want to let you know I was a whistleblower to my own situation and it was like cutting off my leg to save my family. I am deeply aware that honesty is the only way out (remember when your baby flipped about 7-8months and you KNEW this little one has stuff to do} we are all the same and I am with you in spirit about raising strong sons. My sons are now 25 and 23 years old , and all the backlash I suffered for having them at home with no circumsission or drugs was difficult. But yes! it is worth it! They are strong and compassionate men now. During their growing up years many other parents commenented to me that they didn’t see ever in other kids such passion!!! And it is true, letting their own spirit rise is the most beautiful thing to behold, and to know such beauty is the gift of life. I thank you deeply for the inspiritation that I am not doing this alone. Best wishes for your garden , we are doing the same.
    Love, Robyn

  3. Uŋpa Nuŋpa says:

    I know of one such highly regarded individual, a “public figure” on Facebook, who this piece seems to fit to a tee. “Followers” vociferously promoting and defending this individual while some serious skeletons are rattling around in the closet. Thank you for the perspectives.

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