The Bridge with Kira #NoDAPL update 11-19-16

Uŋpa Nuŋpa and Zephyr discuss the latest actions and events at Oceti Sakowin as well as what is next for our water protectors when the #NoDAPL fight is over.

The Unicorn Riot interview Kira refers to in the begining of the show: On her last night at Standing Rock, Kira sat down with Lorenzo, Chris and Andrew of Unicorn Riot media collective to get a sense of the hearts and minds behind content. Unicorn Riot has been in the camps and at the actions, covering the Standing Rock story from the begining.
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Coming up Saturday 11-26-16, 4-6 pm EST, Uŋpa Nuŋpa will be back to discuss his eye witness account of the events of 11-20-16, where water protectors were tear gassed, pepper sprayed and water cannoned in 20 degree weather by the Morton County Sheriff’s department. This resulted in multiple serious injuries to water protectors from the Sheriff’s use of rubber bullets and concussion granades.


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Radio Host at Revolution Radio, Real Liberty Media and Peoples Internet Radio, wife, mother, singer, grower of food.
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