Former SWCB Member Calls for a Stop Work Order on the MVP


Former Virginia State Water Control Board (SWCB) member, Roberta Kellam, visited communities in Franklin and Roanoke Counties, devastated by the Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) project. For the past four years, activists and concerned citizens have challenged the MVP on legal and scientific as well as moral and ethical grounds.

At the last Virginia SWCB meeting on December 13, 2018, a motion was made and passed to hold a hearing to decide on revocation of the 401 water crossing permits. Roberta Kellam urged the SWCB to schedule that hearing immediately.

img_8301After meeting with affected families and landowners throughout Franklin and Roanoke counties, viewing multiple construction sites and documenting the devastation, Ms. Kellam was invited to the Bent Mountain Center for a press conference and a dialog with the community.

NBC’s coverage at the Bent Mountain Center: Former SWCB Member hears from Local Pipeline Opponents

Event Organizer, Mara Robbins’ Livestream at the Bent Mountain Center

Community members expressed frustration and moral outrage as well as gratitude for Ms. Kellam’s willingness to come and see for herself how irresponsible and criminal the actions of MVP has been and how the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has not performed its regulatory function, leaving citizens to document over 300 violations. Yet the work continues on the MVP. Ms. Kellam commented that she was shocked and disturbed on many levels by what she saw and heard in Franklin and Roanoke counties. She appealed to Governor Northam and called for an immediate Stop Work order on the MVP.

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  1. Unpa Nunpa says:

    Thanks for the link to a great piece. Love the one finger salutes to their snake. Stay strong…

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